Neeti Shikha

Neeti Shikha

Assistant Professor

Area: Economic Environment and Policy

PhD (Submitted) National Law University Jodhpur
LLM, University College London, UK
LLB (Hons.) Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Legal Aspect of Business, Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property Rights, Criminal Law, Company Laws, Contract Laws, Project Finance, Laws of Infrastructure Development

Corporate Governance, Contract, Public Policy and Governance

Research and Publications

Book Chapter:

  • “Introduction to Mooting Skills”, Eastern Book Publication, New Delhi, 2014
  • “FDI in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunity” Facets of Higher Education; Macmillan Publication on Advance Research Series, 2012
  • “Contractual Aspect of Pornography Law”, Pornography Law by Universal Publication 2011

Book Reviews:

  • Environmental Governance: Approaches Imperatives & Methods by Nilanjan Ghosh, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay, Kanchan Chopra, Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt Ltd, 2013, New Delhi
  • Business and Community: The Story of Corporate Social Responsibility in India by Pushpa Sundar, Sage Response, 2013, New Delhi
  • Management Essentials: A Recipe for Business Success by , Arindam Banerjee, SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2013, New Delhi

Articles/Papers Published:

  • ‘Globalization and Economic Asymmetries in International Trade and Development: Challenges and opportunities’ Journal of Trade and Investment Volume 12 2011.
  • “Competition and WTO A Dead End” Ankara Law Review Vol. 7 No. 2 Summer 2010 p 91-108.
  • “Corporate Takeover through Scheme and a Few Risks” published at World Journal of Business Studies, Vol. 1 No1 (2010) p 85-100.
  • “The Changing Trend of Schemes of Arrangement and Approaches towards its Efficacy”, the Indian Journal of International Economic Law Vol. IV p .192
  • “Takeover through Scheme- A changing Trend” Vikalpa, (IIM Ahmadabad) Vol. 38 No 1 p 87 -102.
  • “Development of Juvenile Justice Laws in Indian” Indian Bar Review. Vol.26 2009, p.229.
  • “Potemkin Village of Independent Directors”, Journal on Governance, Vol.1 No.5 2012 p. 489.
  • “Securitization and Basel Changes- Thinking Global and Acting Local”, Banking Law and Financial Regulations 2011 (conference proceeding) at NLU Delhi.
  • “Corporate Governance and Shareholders Activism in India”(conference proceeding) , International OFEL Conference on Corporate Governance. (ISBN: 978-953-57413-1-2)
  • “Designing a Size that Fits All”, International Conference on Business Strategy and Management 2011 (conference proceedings), held at Kolkatta, India.

Papers Presented: 


  • “Changing Paradigm of Corporate Governance in India”, India Finance Conference, IIM Ahmedabad, 2013
  • Directors Duties And Corporate Social Responsibility: A Mistaken Model For Sustainable Development” SUSCON 3: Conference, IIM Shillong, 2012
  • “BRICS Development Bank: Challenges and Opportunities”, BRICS International Conference, A strategic Alliance for Global Trade, New Delhi, 2013
  • “Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholders Interest: A Road that Never Meets or Does it?” Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED), Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, 2012.
  • “Globalisation and its Impact on Corporate Governance in Asia”, 9th Asian Law Institute Conference, National Law University Singapore, 2012.
  • “Securitisation and Basel Reforms – Thinking Global and Acting Local” at Banking Law and Financial Regulations, National Law University, Delhi, 2011.
  • 9th Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (APCCAN 2011).
  • “FDI in Higher Education at International Conference on Higher Education”, Institute of Public Enterprise and HRD Ministry, Bihar.
  • “Globalization and economic asymmetries in international trade and development: Challenges and opportunities”, IIM Lucknow in association with the Athenian Policy Forum, Toronto, 2010.
  • “Pornography, an Emerging Concern”, International Symposium at National Law School Bangalore, 2010.

Projects Undertaken: 

  • Juvenile Justice for UNICEF
  • Gender Sensitization Project “Eye Reveal” for UNIFEM
Management Development Programmes
  • Training Programme on Corporate Governance for Airport Authority of India
  • Managing Commercial Contracts for PSUs and private firms.
Academic Experience
  • IMT Ghaziabad, February 2015 till date
  • FORE School of Management, New Delhi
  • National Law University Jodhpur
  • Stansfield College, Singapore (University of London External Programmes, Singapore)
Professional Experience
  • Rodyk & Davidson, Singapore (as a special attaché)
  • OSC Private Limited
  • Clifford Chance, London, UK (as a specialist trainee)
Achievements and Awards
  • Won various national and International Moot Court Competitions
  • Scholarship by Bar Council of India for outstanding performance at All India Bar Council Moot Competition.
  • Distinction in Legal Aspect of International Finance & Dissertation, University College London.
  • Distinction in Indirect Taxes, Labour Law, Business Law and Banking and Insurance Law, LLB (Hons.)
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