Portfolio of ELDs

Portfolio of ELDs

One size does not fit all. The IMT ELD program is not the traditional generic management development; but it’s the lifelong executive learning of high degree of customization. Each individual program is measured out in minute detail, to suit an organization’s requirements. IMT’s Executive Education prepares executives from all over the world to scale new levels of leadership and achievement in their careers and organizations.

At IMT Ghaziabad, programs are offered in functional areas with the added benefit of multi-functional formats:

1. Customised Corporate Programmes (CCPs):
IMT Programs are based on Training Need Analysis conducted by organizations or us. Successful businesses know that investing in the next generation of leaders is critical to sustaining competitive advantage and achieving corporate growth over the long term.

To achieve relevant impact the CCPs are built to work on areas identified for expert interventions. IMT has conducted CCPs with numerous Public and Private sector companies in all major functional areas and strategic leadership issues. Duration of CCPs vary from 3 to 15 days and are meant to address the mid to top level executives within a company. The primary focus of IMT’s CCPs stays at adding value to the client through the value added customized modules on identified areas of concern.

2. Long Term Customised Programmes (LTCPs):
IMT customizes these comprehensive Programs to overcome business issues within organizations by working closely with them on strategic decision points. These Programs are transformative and unique to each assignment. Yet, each of them holds one promise: a radical improvement in performance of executives.

IMT provides flexible programs for young executives who would undergo long duration (6 months to one year) executive programs on weekends or during the evenings spread over long periods. These general management programs can be conducted at IMT Ghaziabad campus or at client’s venues. Such programs are designed based on organization’s needs after detailed analysis and discussion.

3. Long Term Customized e-Programs (e-MDPs):
IMT delivers one of its best recognized Long Term Customized Programs with NIIT IMPERIA. Held twice a week, it is one year certificate program in Management. It begins and ends with three day mandatory campus modules at IMT Ghaziabad.

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IMT has also introduced web based certification programs, which provides executives flexibility as well as possibility to undertake them without taking any leave from the work. There are various options based on the levels of employees and areas of specialization, for the prospective participants. Application based learning and IMT standards of teaching helps participants grow faster in their careers.

4.Specialized OPEN Programs (SOPs)
The specialized OPEN Programs deal in the functional domains of Marketing, Finance, Operations Management, and Information Strategy. Some of the top IMT alumni are involved in SOPs. These programs are designed for executives who aspire to assume the cross-functional responsibilities in leadership roles, and present an integrated view of the fundamentals of management helping to leverage advanced strategies and techniques. IMT Ghaziabad endeavors to excel in designing, delivery, and meeting client organization’s expectations

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