Executive Learning & Development

IMT Advantage

IMT Advantage

For over 30 years, executive seeking big ideas, fresh perspectives and innovative tools have turned to IMT Ghaziabad. Many of them are business leaders who seek to upgrade themselves with the latest developments in the business world. It is for these pursuers of perfection that IMT has developed the Executive Learning & Development (ELD) programs. ELD includes, Management Development Programs (MDPs) and Consulting assignments which we undertake for the organisations.

While IMT has several key factors that work in its advantage, some advantages need specific mention. They distinguish IMT, setting it apart and make it a premier destination for executive education. These defining factors are:

  • IMT is among the top ten B-Schools in India.
  • The institute is strategically located near Delhi (Just one hour drive from Delhi Airport).
  • IMT possesses a lush green, eco-friendly and world class campus with very comfortable living facilities. The residential blocks are fully air-conditioned, furnished and equipped with wi-fi facility.
  • Distinguished national and international faculty known for meeting challenges head on. They possess clearly defined research abilities, unmatched knowledge and capability that deliver a depth of perfect customization based on individual organizational needs.
  • IMT’s unparalleled international institutional alliances are the largest in India. The institute possesses a strong network with the industry, public sector and government functionaries, facilitating a wide range of social and industry interactions for participants.
  • Centers of Excellence at IMT focus strongly on applied research. Currently IMT has four centers of excellence: Centre for Global Supply Chain Management, Centre for Strategic Information Management, Centre for Financial Research and Centre for Environmental Management.


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