Director's Message

Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya

Dr. Subhajit Bhattacharyya


A B-School is special in the education space in that it generates human capital for activities intended to be utilised for business and thus for generating income and employment. A responsible B-School therefore is one that lives up to the expectation by being relevant to industry, by meeting expectations of its students too. A B-School can be a Brand when it not only meets both, but exceeds them substantially. A B-School can be an irresistible brand when it sustains this achievement while flying with time. A B-School that understands the evolving nature of ever changing world of business, its functionalities and skill needs, and is proactive and agile enough to match up with that dynamism is surely an irresistible brand.

The modern business era is evolving continuously and rapidly. This era is characterised by continuous innovation, high degree of obsolescence, ever changing consumer needs, continuously expanding choices and preferences, multi-dimensional competitive forces, high degree of technological intervention, and what not. This is an era when every action of an individual can be captured, analysed and used in making business decisions. This is an era when man has to upskill continuously and hone the creative and innovative acumen to remain above machine all the time, lest they be obsolete.

IMT Ghaziabad, as a responsible B-School, understands its role in grooming its students to live up to expectations in so much dynamic and evolving, as also very much complex, business world. The agility that the Institute has keeps it always relevant to industry as it flies with time.

Our students are amongst the best in the country and selected through a rigorous process. Like their predecessors, who have served various organizations for 4 decades now, our talented and hardworking students are trained to contribute to the organizations they will work for. In addition to the Post Graduate Management programs, IMT serves the corporate world through its Executive Learning and Development programmes, consultancy and research.

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