Continous Learning & Development Management Will Prepare Executives For Future – Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay, Director, IMT Ghaziabad

Published:  | Date :  December 1, 2017

Director, IMT Ghaziabad, Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay in this exclusive interview with XEDGlobal speaks how the institute is constantly focusing on continuous learning and development management, preparing executives for the future.

Excerpts from the Interview with Director, IMT Ghaziabad, Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay…..

So when Virat Kohli goes out with his team abroad, everyone expects the team to win. So anything except a win, we take it as a rare exception. We must understand this generation; today it’s the Kohli workforce which has come to work. They think that they can achieve anything, they can create, they can lead and they can dominate. That’s the spirit of young India.

One of the key things today is to understand the market, how do you understand market forces that are across various sectors. Second, how do you understand organisational dynamics, leadership and create multiple leaders within the organisation. More essentially entrepreneurs. These are the areas we are focusing on and doing well as a business school, in terms of entrepreneurship, market sensing, organisational dynamics and leadership development.

One of the areas we will be actively focusing in the coming future and which is in sync with what India needs today is ‘Development Management’. We would be one of the few schools in India, which has a strong department of development management. In development management, we are actively looking at capacity building. For example, what is the impact of Swacch Bharat and what is the right way of executing it?

The companies today realise that the ‘war’ in today’s market is the ‘war’ for talent, which also implies that talent also needs to be developed. So the demand is two way, individuals wanting to learn and employers wanting their employees to learn and because of this twin forces, executive education is gaining momentum in India. The market is very big and there are many areas to focus on, therefore we don’t need to think that there is a competition. Bigger players and more reputed players entering will only create more consciousness and momentum in the market and it will help expand the market. Going forward the shift will be towards executive education and short-term courses. When I mean short-term courses, it won’t be just conventional classroom courses, but it will be a blended approach.

As of now, most of our programs are customised based on the needs of the companies. You will shortly see that we will come up with open enrolment programs in emerging areas. For example, digital marketing and sales. We are one of the first institutes to have an integrated lab with digital media and analytics. We cannot see each of these separately, these have all become integrated. So our programs will be open enrolment, blended, partly online- which is remote learning and partly on the campus. These are in addition to the customised programs already offered.

India is a service economy and becoming service dominated area. Another thing which will be important in the coming times would be how to create a service orientation within the organisation. That is where IMT has started taking a lead.

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