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IMT CEE (Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship)

IMT Ghaziabad remains ever committed to promote and harness the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the institute. The institute already offers quite a few courses on entrepreneurship and have a very active E-Cell run by the students. The institute has recently launched its incubator to provide support to aspiring entrepreneurs.  To further the agenda, the institute is going to set up the Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship (CEE) with the following objectives:

  1. To support creation of New Ventures by providing consulting services in evaluating opportunities, identifying resource requirements, assisting in resource acquisitions and managing New Ventures. Consulting activities are to be directed to individual or Small / Medium Entrepreneurs as well as Corporate Ventures.
  1. To undertake research projects on various aspects of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  1. To develop case studies highlighting different issues and dilemmas faced by Entrepreneurs and Innovators.

The CEE will be dedicated towards creation of awareness, interest, knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. The institute has been instrumental in deploying some of the above mentioned well early. The 5 years old very active E-Cell, Entrepreneurial Education & Research, Consulting Assignments, Case Development, Events & Competitions have already been integral parts of institutional activities.  With the recent launch of the incubation centre the institute is determined to take a step further and foster a world class startup ecosystem. The CEE will function in three different vertical.

What to Expect from The Incubator?

  • Dry Incubation
    1. Mentoring: Each incubatee will have two mentors
      1. IMT Ghaziabad Faculty Mentor – Would advise in preparing Business Plan for the incubatee and also advise on Human Resources, Marketing, Finance and Operating Processes.
      2. IMT Ghaziabad Alumni Mentor – Would help the incubatee in building market linkages and facilitate Angel/VC funding.
    2. Funding assistance
    3. Networking
    4. R&D support.
    5. Access to concessional shared services (legal, accounting and other related services)
  • Wet Incubation
    1. dedicated air-conditioned office space with furniture, a desktop computer, printer,
    2. high speed internet access,
    3. Video conferencing facilities
    4. Board room facilities
    5. Common area and cafeteria

Who can apply?
Anyone who is willing to solve a problem worth solving.

To seek incubation support from IMT Incubation Please download the form below. Once complete, email the filled application form to incubator@imt.edu

Institute of Management Technology (IMT)

Raj Nagar, Post Box No. 137
Ghaziabad 201001, India

  +91 120 3002200
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