Career Options in India after MBA

Graduates with MBA degrees are quite in demand and the demand is likely to increase. In the year 2015, the Graduate Management Admission Council in its Year-End Poll of Employers reported that 75% of companies surveyed anticipated to hire MBAs. But MBA can be done in different discipline and a candidate needs to ascertain what type of MBA to be pursued and what kinds of job they should seek for.

Why pursue an MBA?
You want to enroll in this course because everyone else is doing the same or others are telling you to join MBA is not the answer. You should know all the core reasons. So, below are the mentioned reasons:

  • To start with a progressive career
  • If you are already working somewhere, you can get a salary hike
  • For an innovative outlook
  • To network with the best in this industry
  • To hone your skills
  • To get a better position in the company
  • To start your own business
  • To move abroad

Career opportunities after MBA
We have created a list of what we think are the best career options to go with.

Banking and Finance: Banking and finance are some of the large sectors and they offer a varied range of jobs. Security and investment analyst is one of the great job profile which is required by banks, security firms, insurance companies, and various other financial organization. You can also go with business operations or credit analysis with renowned companies. Other job opportunities in this sector include commercial banking, transaction banking, credit risk and so on.

Investment Banking: The demand for an investment banker is quite huge and big companies hire them to connect the investors with the fund-needing organizations. These companies deal with acquisitions and mergers as well as they help the client with other core functions related to investment.

Information system management: Information system management is another important job profile which is liked by many candidates. In this profile, they have to identify the latest technologies to help the organization work better and smoother.

Management Consulting: If you know how to solve all kinds of problems, then management consulting can be a great job profile for you. In this, you need to embrace fresh ideas and new methods of problem-solving. Big companies look for management consultant and therefore they are paid well.

Data Analytics: As the digital revolution is all around, the profile of data analytics is in huge demand. Not only candidates seek interest in this profile but the companies are also looking for candidates who are fit for this profile.

Many other career opportunities are available for the candidates who want to pursue an MBA such as Chief Technology Officer, Health Services Manager, High-end Management Consultant, Marketing Manager, Information Technology Director and so on. Institute of Management Technology, one of the best MBA institutes in Ghaziabad, India grooms the students and hones their skills to make them capable of these career options. We have a team of great faculty members who can understand your dreams and help you achieve them.

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