Advanced Management Programfor Alumni (AMPA)


Program Highlights

Blended method of delivery, online courses and offline workshop
Specifically curated Advanced Management Program for a cohort
Offering a rich and diverse set of topics
72 hours program across three modules including three workshops
Learning in comfort of a cohesive community
Peer connect and interactions
Building confidence and skillsets to grow in your business career
Upskilling of knowledge, skills and capabilities
50% program delivery by senior industry experts and foreign faculty
IMT Ghaziabad re-certification

Why should you join the program?

Learn latest business practices, insights and trends

Explore your strengths and challenges and develop a leadership philosophy

To learn the skills highly essential to act more decisively and strategically in an atmosphere of uncertainty and complexity

Build a strong network of peers to expand your career prospects

Reskill yourself to evolve with rapid advancement in technology and latest developments in business environment , innovation, finance, strategy etc.

Program Content

The Program architecture is divided into three modules covering following three domains:

  • Business Environment
  • Banking and Finance
  • Technology as Tool for Business

In each module, an alumni need to study three courses of six hour each and thus complete 18 hours of courses in each module. In addition to the 18 hours, they will be offered a 6-hours workshop in each module wherein they will be required to stay in campus for a couple of days. The sessions and workshops will be held on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

A participant will have to complete 24 hours in each of the three modules and thus, a total of 72 hours across three modules, to be awarded an IMT Ghaziabad Certificate in Advanced Management. Also at the end of each module, a micro certificate will be awarded. Credit accumulation would be key to the process.

Note: While a participant is expected to complete entire certificate program in six-seven months, under circumstances beyond his/her control, he/she may be allowed to carry forward credit from a module/course and complete the program at the earliest possible opportunity.  

Following are an indicative list of courses and workshop topics under each of the modules for each of the Cohorts (Actual offering will be notified before the start of program)

Cohort 1 (with Post PGDM experience of 5‐9 years)

Module 1‐ Business Environment and Strategy (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Non-Market Environment and Business Decision Making
  • Evolutions in Global Economy and Business Churn
  • Market and Non-market Strategy
  • Emerging Global Trade Dynamics
  • Behavioral Economics and Customer Preferences
  • Workshop on Strategy Simulation

Module 2 ‐Banking and Finance (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Wealth management
  • Money market
  • Capital markets
  • Credit analysis and rating
  • Asset securitization
  • Finance Lab with Bloomberg

Module 3‐ Technology as Tool for Business (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Analytics in business (using R)
  • No coding analytics platform(AWS)
  • People Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Leveraging FinTech in Business
  • Blockchain based innovation
  • Workshop at Analytics Lab

Cohort 2 (with Post‐PGDM experience of 10‐14 years)

Module 1‐ Business Environment and Strategy (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Emerging Global Trade Dynamics
  • Impact of Geopolitics on Global Trade.
  • Government as a Demand Driver
  • The Paradigm 4.0-Industry Response
  • Country Risk Assessment
  • Workshop on Country Risk Assessment

Module 2 ‐Banking and Finance (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Strategic cost management
  • Private equity and venture capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Balanced scorecard
  • Value chain analysis
  • Workshop at Finance Lab

Module 3‐ Technology as Tool for Business (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Blockchain based innovation
  • Analytics in business (using MS Azure/ AWS)
  • Leading an Agile Workforce Transformation
  • AI based Business Models
  • Service outsourcing and vendor management for digitization
  • Workshop at Emerging Technology for Business Lab

Cohort 3 (With Post‐PGDM experience of 15+ years)

Module 1‐ Business Environment and Strategy (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Leading Business Transformation
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Change Management
  • Entrepreneurial DNA
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Workshop on Innovation

Module 2 ‐Banking and Finance (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Corporate governance and shareholder’s activism
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Prudential regulation
  • Sustainable finance
  • Financial inclusion
  • Workshop on a Finance Topic customized to the need of the participants

Module 3‐ Technology as Tool for Business (Any Three: 6 hours each)

  • Digital Transformation Strategies
  • Strategic Decisions with analytics
  • Strategic AI
  • Art of Data Science
  • Informed Intuition
  • Workshop on Design Thinking

Registration Process

The programs will be offered twice in a year and the respective registration will begin in July and January every year. The corresponding courses will begin in September and April respectively.

FEE structure

The fees for the program is highly competitive. The total fees for the entire program will be Rs.20,000/- (plus applicable GST) per participant.


Is there a registration deadline and start date for AMPA?

The last date of registration is 27th August 2021. The course is tentatively planned to start in the second week of September 2021. This will be subject to minimum of 10 participants for one cohort.

Where is the program held? What is cohort size?

The program is currently being held online. We do have offline on campus workshops aligned per cohort. The ideal cohort size is 20-25.

Do we have a hostel facility during the workshop session? if yes, any additional charges.

Yes, we do have a hostel facility. The charges for boarding and lodging is over and above the registration fees.

I graduated from the Institute several years ago, do I need to brush up on the subjects?

It is not required to brush up on any subject. The course coordinator and faculty will let you know if you need to read up on any online/offline sources prior to the actual classes.

How will I manage the sessions? What is the usual schedule of the sessions?

The sessions will be conducted on weekends. Once on either of the days on weekends for two hours. Every course is comprised of six hours of learning.

I have accepted the program but am unable to attend?

In case you are unable to attend the current cohort, you can get transferred to the next possible batch

What is the expected cohort size?

The ideal cohort size is 20-25.

AMPA Admissions:
Ms. Sudha Ramaswamy
(Please call between 9:30 AM- 5:30 PM, Mon-Fri)
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