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All India Alumni Meets 2019

Sept 14, 2019 | Bangalore

All India Alumni Meets 2019

August 31, 2019 | Delhi

Foundation Program 2018-20

June 09, 2018 | IMT Ghaziabad

All India Alumni Meets 2017

January 21, 2018

Alumni Highlights

Our esteemed alumnus of 1985 batch , Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO Radico Fashion PVT Ltd has been awarded as the Indian Achievers Award 2020. Mr. Bhatt started his own business in 1992 with almost zero money, and at that time, he was just a simple man next door and not financially rich and free. A simple down to earth person. Motivational visiting speaker to various MBA Institutes and Colleges.

Sanjeev Bhatt

CEO, Radico Fashion PVT Ltd, 1985 Batch

Our esteemed alumnus Mr. Jalaj Gupta, batch of 1995, has been appointed as Head Commercial Vehicals at Mahindra Group. Before joining Mahindra Group Mr. Gupta has been part of automotive giants like Ashok Leyland and Tata motors.

Jalaj Gupta

Head Commercial Vehicals, Mahindra Group, 1995 Batch

“Congratulations to Ms. Mamta Saikia, COO ( Bharti Foundation ), an IMT Ghaziabad alumna, for being recognized as an Influential Leader by AACSB.”

Mamta Saikia

COO (Bharti Foundation)


“An alumnus of the Class of 1986, with specialisation in Marketing and Finance, Jacob is a successful business leader with over three decades of experience in the IT industry.”

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He is an innovative thinker with broad-based expertise in Marketing, Sales and P&L Management and with the proven ability to quickly analyse key business drivers and develop strategies to grow top line and bottom line. He is an energetic leader with an ability to envision and create successful outcomes in complex situations and tenacious commitment to driving business results.As the Head-Print Business (South East Asia and Korea) for Hewlett Packard(HP), an organization he joined in 1995 as Market Development Manager, Jacob develops strategic priorities and initiatives for the business. He successfully launched the web-enabled printers in APJ, and developed and implemented a robust end-to -end integrated marketing campaign for the OfficeJet Pro, Ink Supplies & Ink Advantage resulting in share gains in all the three categories. Jacob has strong business acumen and a deep understanding of business across mature and emerging countries in the SEA & Korea regions. In addition to his current role, he stepped in as the Managing Director for Malaysia for a period of nine months.Prior to joining HP, Jacob worked at NIIT as a Product Manager and managed Pilot LightShip – an Executive Information System, and Pertech Computers Limited (PCL). According to Jacob “You can’t predict with certainty the final destination and where life will take you. Take one sure step at a time in the right direction. You will reach somewhere good, probably better than you expected!”
Jacob T. Jacob

Head-Print Business (South East Asia and Korea) Hewlett Packard, | Batch of 1986

“I am highly honored to receive this award and for the opportunity to connect with you all. While I take you through my journey, please remember that my situation and perspective of life is unique and so is yours and so I can only hope you could take away one or two things from it..”


I currently work as a Cofounder & MD at, a leading ecommerce company in the middle east which raised $100m in the last 4 years.

Before IMT, I grew up in Delhi, studied engineering and worked in an IT company for 2 years. Like it is with most of you at the brink of your career, I had many passions, wanted to make an impact, earn some money but didn’t really know what the goal in life should be and what to pursue next.

At IMT, I met my life partner, made best friends, worked in Alcom, participated in competitions, played music and we had a blast. Placements was quite an experience. I got placed on day three and on top of that I couldn’t join that company due to an illness. I had to look out for a job for a few months before I got into PwC.

At PwC many of my clients were looking for services around online, digital, omnichannel and I took an initiative in PwC to start a consulting practice around digital strategy from scratch. It took some effort but soon the project took off well and we acquired several clients. 4 years at PwC taught me strategy, but I was missing on the joy of execution and so moved towards ecommerce and joined Jabong.

Over the next few years at Jabong I set up and managed the customer experience and operations. We also hired a few IMTians and it was fun to work with them. We launched many industry first initiatives like same day delivery. Other global rocket internet companies wanted to learn from us and started visiting us. That’s when I met a few global leaders at rocket and it materialized into the idea of setting up a new venture in the middle east. The plan was to start with a small amount of money, do well and then raise more.

The middle east region had many ecommerce players but the quality was lacking. We built a strong team, launched with an innovative marketing campaign, stellar service and it gradually became popular. After a year, we raised a series A of $67m, the largest series A in the middle east. Following this we launched multiple countries, warehouses, offices, last mile fleet, distribution centers and tied up with top brands like Samsung and Reebok.

But success is not permanent. Soon, our competitor raised much more money and challenged us with a price war. We had to scale down. The next 1 year we slogged hard to differentiate and build a hyper local grocery experience for our customers and tied up with the biggest super market chain in the region. In 2018 we raised a series B round of $30m and after some more struggle became the # 1 online grocery player in the region.

In the end I would say, while I am very grateful for everything, today I face even bigger problems as compared to 10 years back, struggle to deal with them, sometimes fail and sometimes succeed.

To the budding managers, I’ll refrain from giving too much advice but here are a few of my learnings which may help you grow.

Spot the future early and bet on it. There will always be a chance of failure but its OK to fail a few times than hanging around a fad.

Never leave pursuing your passion. It will keep you alive, kicking and bring out the best in you. You will have busy jobs, marriage and kids as excuses.

Don’t do a job for just money. You should have a strong reason to take up or switch a job. Its great if the money is good but don’t compromise on the quality of work.

Build reputation. The quality of work coming out of you, irrespective of the situation should be mind blowing. Else don’t do it.

Be humble. Build personal relationships. Help people selflessly. Care for people associated with you especially those who are less recognized.

The world is changing fast and your success will come and go. Your attitude and humility will be remembered much longer than your success. Let it take longer but do it the right way.

Keep asking yourselves – are we doing the right thing? Are we grounded? Are we putting up a fight? Are we doing it with a smile? I guess, that’s all that matters!

Pratik Gupta

Co-Founder and Managing Director,, | Batch of 2008

“It all began at very young age with a simple act of sharing the toys to children who was living in nearby slum areas. I made sure to carry my humbling experience. For the very reason, after working in the corporate world for 7 years, I decided to leave my job and work on The Toy Bank full time.”

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“We at the Toy Bank, put our energies into working for the underprivileged children with the firm belief that a playful childhood is every child’s right. The Toy Bank works on the premise that play should not be considered as a leisure activity exclusive to a privileged child but something that aids in the overall growth of every child. The early years of a child’s life are critical. It is during these early years that child develops cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills that form the foundation needed to succeed in life. I have experienced that interventions in early childhood have long-term effects on future social adjustment and economic success, and may even be passed on to subsequent generations. Hence, we work vigorously to provide toy kits & books to underprivileged children.

I started ‘The Toy Bank’ with one collection center in one city. I soon realized that people were not comfortable with the idea of ferrying toys to the collection center. To solve this problem, I motivated volunteers to open a number of collection centers at their homes, retail shops, offices across Delhi–NCR. With motivated volunteers, cost-effective collection centers and sharp marketing acumen of our team; thousands of old toys were received, refurbished, recycled and distributed. Taking resources from one person and then handing it out to another is one of the creative methodologies that we have adopted in The Toy Bank. We have sensitized over 1.5 lakhs children across 85 private schools to donate their old toys.

Even though I initiated The Toy Bank with the notion of distributing the toys to underserved children, later we realized that giving one toy to each child is not creating the desired impact. It was then the decision of creating a community resource was taken. Toy Libraries – which were also gender neutral – were created for the children to come and play together in a common space which would lead them to imbibe the values of sharing. It also gives the children the freedom to choose and play with what they want.

There was a time when we started questioning our work, whether it is making any impact? But every day we receive calls from individuals thanking us for frictionless delivery of toy kits, the learnings children get from the toys, and for keeping kids more involved in the classes/ anganwadis and in turn help in increasing their attendance and reducing the drop-out rates. The joy we hear in their voices and smiles shared by kids is heartwarming every single day. It’s what’s keep us going despite various challenges we face. It has also been a great learning curve for me every single day. We have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with various State governments for setting up Toy Libraries in Angadwadis and schools; have donated toys to Panchayat Ghars in rural areas; also created Toy Libraries for children with psycho-social disabilities and visual impairment; have tied up with innumerous non-profit in other states. We have expanded to 25 states/ UTs in India where we have set up 4,883 toy libraries for half a million children underprivileged child in accordance with the demographics of the children with help from a 100+ committed team from various walks of life.

However, there are more than 470 million children in India whose life we can positively influence by leading systemic change at a much larger scale. There are many constitutional and policy provisions for early childhood education but the challenges of implementation remain huge. My work in the corporate sector and the nonprofit sector has led me to the conclusion that there is a serious gap between policy formation and implementation which needs to be addressed at the earliest. This is where the private sector will prove to be the key to development in India, but without the government policies driving the development agenda and the social sector working at the grass root level, the vision we young Indians see for ourselves is likely to remain just that- a vision!

I believe that India is the most unique nation in the world with multiple layers of socio-economic diversity. Hence, there is bound to be challenges, setbacks and false starts. The challenges would be serious and many. They will not be met easily or met in a short span of time; but I want to work towards an India where they will be met.

Vidyun Goel

Director, Toy Bank, | Batch of 2009

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