How does IMT Ghaziabad inspire the next generation of women?

Mar 2, 2022 | Blog

Prof. Preeti Virdi

Assistant Professor
Area: Marketing Management

Michelle Obama rightly said, “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish”. It’s just that MBA degree adds flair to that accomplishment. Forté Foundation’s research shows that women witness a salary increase of around 55 to 65 per cent after their MBA. At IMT Ghaziabad we have witnessed women students taking home placement salaries as high as INR 58.22 LPA. The recent batch (2020-22) witnessed women students getting placed with a CTC higher than the average students.

 IMT has also witnessed its women alumni progressing to high echelon positions in business, social service, and academics. What does IMT Ghaziabad do to make this impact on the women leaders of today and tomorrow? Well…surprisingly, nothing special!

IMT Ghaziabad is dedicated to its mission of promoting academic excellence and fostering a worldview that promotes diversity, inclusion, and ethical participation. This we do by creating a culture of openness, autonomy and equal opportunity for all our students, irrespective of their gender rather treating them as equals.

The institute that never sleeps is also, as Nuvreet Parmar (PGDM student, 2020-22 batch) says, “fast, competitive and co-operative”. The race with time to attend classes, assimilate knowledge, finish projects and simultaneously give time to self teaches the crucial lessons of time management and ensures that the 24 hours are well utilized. The balance of healthy competition and cooperation inspires students to be their authentic selves, push for their success while lifting others on the way. This is a way of life at IMT! Nuvreet also states the three pillars of learning at IMT Ghaziabad as peers, faculty and alumni. A little peep into the life of IMTians and you would see how engaging this interaction is! The culture of discussion, critique and shared learning not only facilitates intellectual stimulation but also asserts students to vocalize their thoughts. This interaction especially gives confidence to the female students who would have been reluctant to express their opinions assertively before joining IMT. “At IMT Ghaziabad we meet a diverse set of individuals, away from our homogeneous school and college environment, and it helps us understand and appreciate the nuances within individuals. This appreciation has helped me in my Marketing career while trying to understand consumers and their behaviours.”, says Ms. Bhavana Mittal (VP – Media and Digital at RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group, IMT Ghaziabad Alumnus – 1996-98 batch). See more about the diversity IMT provides at Also, “the mentoring system at IMT Ghaziabad builds a close faculty-student rapport wherein faculty motivate and challenge students to know their strengths and achieve their maximum potential,” says Prof. Sapna Popli.

The well-connected alumni network is a strength that IMT Ghaziabad can easily boast about. Knowledge sharing from our esteemed alumni about their experiences at work, their career trajectories and inspiring life lessons motivate the young MBA students. “Visibility and a seat at the table allows for a potential change that someone wants to make” (Stephanie Bryant, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Accreditation Officer – AACSB). We understand this and have experienced that talks from notable women alumni and leaders inspire our women students to realize and channelize their potential. Ria Gupta (PGDM Finance student, 2020-22 batch) says, “Seeing women leaders and entrepreneurs achieve excellence, meeting them personally and attending their sessions makes us realize that our dreams are achievable. Since they did it, so can we! It gives a direction to our actions and passion.”.

At IMT Ghaziabad, the focus is intellectual growth and beyond which is evident in the student-run clubs and committees which play a major role in their overall development. See more about it at These committees offer equal opportunities to students irrespective of their gender. Citing one example – the current Joint Secretary position of the Sports Committee is jointly held by a female student (Shristhi, PGDM student, 2020-22 batch) who is managing a team of over fifty students. This doesn’t surprise us though…this is our normal!

So yes, by doing just its usual IMT Ghaziabad is inspiring the next generation of women who lead by authenticity and, are confident to question and change the norms.



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