Admissions Process

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Part Time

Admissions Process PGDM (Part-Time) 2017-20 Batch

The admission process of PGDM PT is focused on selecting candidates who have the managerial potential and have an attitude to grow up in the corporate ladder. So each candidate will be evaluated on the following parameters:

I. Overall profile
II. CT-PI process

The Critical Thinking Test (CT): 30 minute long Critical Thinking Test, which evaluates the candidates on three parameters – critical thinking, written communication skills and innovation & creativity.

Personal Interview (PI): Personal interview which evaluates the candidates on the following parameters:
1. Academic Orientation (AO)
2. Versatility (V)
3. Relevance of Work Experience and alignment with career goals (WE)
4. Maturity and Values (MV)
5. Leadership Potential (LP)
6. Interpersonal Skills (IS)
7. Communication & Attitude (CA) 

The final merit of the candidate will be a cumulative weighted average which has the academic scores, work experience and the scores obtained during the CT-PI process.



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