Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Executive

PGDM (Executive) Program – Admissions 2016

1. Is registration necessary for Application?
Yes, Application is done in two parts, first you have to register providing details like, Name of Candidate, E-mail-Id, Mobile Number and Login details with password. On completion of registration successfully, candidate will receive a mail confirming registration and also will provide the Application Form Number, password which was entered during registration and link to the Candidate Portal. Now candidate has to use Application Number as Login and Password which was entered during the registration process, will be used to enter to the Executive Candidate Portal.

2: Is Application based on all sections of candidate’s profile?
Yes, the application is based on various aspects of candidate’s profile which he/she needs to provide in the online application form as below:
1. Personal Info
2. Academic Records
3. Test Scores
4. Work Experience
5. Recognitions
6. Recommendations

3: Is necessary to complete the Application Form in one go?
No, not necessary to complete the Application Form in one go. You can complete the Application Form as per availability of time before the Application deadline. In each section at bottom, there are 3 options, Save, Save & Exit and Submit the Form. Save and Exit option can be used to save the information and exit from the application process. You can again login to the Application by using App No and password to complete the Application. At last you can use option Submit the Form when your application is completed.

4: How to convert CGPA into percentage?
1. Please follow your university/institution stated rule for conversion of CGPA into percentage.
2. In case your university/institution does not have any scheme or rule to convert CGPA into percentage, the same can be done by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA and multiplying the result with 100.

5. How to calculate percentage in 10th and 12th standard?
Mention aggregate percentage of marks for all subjects (including optional subjects) irrespective of your Board regulations. Hence please do not use your ICSE, CBSE or State Board etc. rules but follow the above rule to calculate percentage in 10th and 12th standard. In case of any clarifications, please email or call the Admissions office.

6: If I choose to submit more than one type of score (example CAT plus XAT) will I be required to pay double?
No. You only have to pay Rs 2000/- for the application fee. You can enter one or more test (Registration No / Roll No/ ID). You can enter the details of CAT 2012 / CAT 2013 / CAT 2014/ CAT 2015 OR XAT 2013 / XAT 2014 / XAT 2015 / XAT 2016 Or GMAT test taken (1 August 2011 to 31 July 2016).

In case candidate has not taken any of the above, but still wants to apply, he/she can apply and take an interview process with IMT and his admission (if qualified in interview process) will be provisional and subject to his /her taking the GMAT test till 31 July 2016.

7: How do we submit copies of CAT, XAT and GMAT score? 
In case concerned score is readily available, you can enter score and registration/roll no/ID during filling-up the application.

If candidate wish to take GMAT test post Application till 31 July 2016, you can inform the Admissions team via email to admissions@imt.edu by attaching scanned copy of your score card by 15 August 2016.

8. How do I know which scores to submit?
You can choose to submit more than one score. IMT will choose the best score before giving out the admission offer.

9: Can you elaborate on the work experience section?
You need to submit the work experience details carefully. Under the Current Employment, you need to provide whether you are working with Company Or Self Employed Or engaged in Family Business. Enter the details accordingly. Also, you need to enter Previous Employment Record.

10. Whose details can I provide as a recommender? (under recommendation)
You can provide the names of your immediate or past supervisor, a client you have worked with or a work colleague. Please note that this person cannot be a family member and has to have known you in professional capacity for more than 6 months duration. IMT will cross check the information provided by you with your recommender before final processing your application.

11: What factors are considered in short-listing applicants for interview?
Application will be shortlisted for further process on the basis of your scores plus your overall application credentials. This entails your school and college grades, your work experience (quantity & quality), leadership and managerial potential, extra-curricular activities and motivation to do a business management program.

Short-listed applicants will be called for a Personal Academic Discussion (PAD) round at the centre/city/venue they have filled in during their Application Form.

12: What is this Personal Academic Discussion (PAD) round?
The PAD round has 3 sub-rounds namely Presentation, Group Interview and Personal Interview.

a. Presentation round:
The aspirant will be asked to make a 20 minutes presentation from his area of work to a faculty and industry panel.

The evaluating panel will comprise of:
1. An HR/Industry expert (from industry/faculty)
2. Head Admissions from IMT, Ghaziabad
3. Senior Faculty from IMT, Ghaziabad
4. Head Placements from IMT, Ghaziabad

b. Group Interview round:
Subsequently the aspirant will be exposed to a group interview process. In the group interview process the above said panel will interview aspirants in a group of 4-5. The activity will be for 15-20 minutes. The objectives will be to check the following aspects:

1. Leadership potential
2. Problem solving skills
3. Negotiation skills
4. Communication skills (listening, speaking)
5. Analytical skills
6. Team work skills

c. Personal Interview Round:
c. Personal Interview Round: The Last round will comprise of a personal interview process in which aspirant will be interviewed by the panel individually for 10 minutes each. The objectives will be to check and discuss:

1. Leadership potential
2. Work experience discussion
3. Candidates’ interests
4. Personal background
5. Aspirations and growth direction


13: What program name a candidate should give the program code / program name / School name for providing official GMAT score to IMT?
Candidate can search by typing ‘IMT’ only or ‘Ghaziabad’ only in the search box at the time of application to GMAT.

14: How do we provide official GMAT score to IMT?
Standard guidelines for acceptance of Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT®) score report are given as under:

At the time of appearing for the GMAT exam, prior to starting the test, you will have the option of selecting the program(s)* of your choice where you can send your GMAT score free of cost.

The program(s) can be selected using a drop down menu or by typing out the name of the program and the school name in the space provided (the system will bring up program names that correspond to what you have typed). In case you already possess a valid GMAT score and would like to send the same for admission to our program(s), please follow these steps:

1. Visit www.mba.com
2. Under the section ‘The GMAT’, click on sub section ‘GMAT Scores & Score Reports’. Then select the option ‘Sending your score to schools’
3. Login through your GMAT ID and select the program where you would like to send your score
4. A fee of USD $28 is charged for this service and your score will be sent electronically and securely to the school’s representative through the GMAT score reporting website within 15 working days

Please note that only electronic GMAT score reports will be accepted.
*At the time of appearing for the GMAT, a candidate can apply to any 5 programs free of cost.

15: What are the different factors considered in making a final offer?
The following factors are considered in making a final offer: Academic record, performance during the Personal Academic Discussion (PAD), recognitions, and quality of work-experience.

16: What are the specializations being offered in PGDM (Executive) program at IMT Ghaziabad? 
Please refer to program page (PGDM Executive) at www.imt.edu.

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