5 Best Professional Courses for Bright Future

In today’s era, students across the country share a prevalent dilemma; which course to choose for a lucrative career. It is said that today’s decision will reap the fruits tomorrow, so it is extremely significant to pick courses that will benefit in the long run. Generally choosing a career depends upon these two factors:

  1. Personal Interests such as hobbies, expertise, goals, etc.
  2. Best returns in the future which is comprised of scope, growth, demand, etc.

However, one needs to be heedful while selecting their career path. Glad, there is no scarcity of professional courses across the country. Hence, depending upon one’s personal interest and best return in future students can choose the professional courses with ease.

Because professional courses in India have a distinct edge in contrast with other undergraduate and postgraduate courses, here we come up with the list of 5 best professional courses in India that will assure employment in that specific domain if done right.

  1. Master of Business Administration – MBA

MBA is one of those professional courses that can escalate your career path and promises a whole new experience and possibilities in the corporate world. It’s mainly a two-year programme that can proffer you with a plethora of job opportunities. There is nothing more enthralling and stirring then getting admission in b school of their choice. Pursuing a regular MBA or Postgraduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) from the best b schools in India will gear up your career and will be worth your time and effort.

One question arises here, which specialization to opt? The number of choices available are very profuse but most sought MBA courses includes specializations in Finance or Marketing. So, let’s know more what an MBA in Marketing and MBA in Finance entails.

  1. MBA in Marketing:

The graduates from the field, MBA in Marketing, focuses on the areas including financial analysis, Planning Strategically, consumer behavior, sales & marketing, business trends, etc. One who aims to be a manager can choose their career prospects as a Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Sales Manager, and Customer Relationship Manager Etc.


Undergraduates can either opt for MBA in Marketing or PGDM in Marketing based on their area of interest. When it comes to career prospects, both courses are regarded as having almost the same value.

  1. MBA in Finance:

The curriculum for an MBA in Finance or PGDM in Finance includes subjects like Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Derivatives Management, Financial Risk Management, Business Accounting, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management etc. In a business setting, it enlightens students on how to manage, acquire and distribute funds. It’s the responsibility of the finance graduate to ensure that the business doesn’t run out of financial resources in crucial times and review financial decisions for their organizations.

After pursuing the course one can get hired as a Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Controller, and Investment Banker & Auditor, etc.

  1. Engineering:

Engineering is by far one of the most popular and career-oriented professional courses not only in India but all over the world. Exams like JEE are conducted every year for those students whose endeavor is to get admission in some of the most reputable institutes across the country.

This stream of education involves specialization in Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Civil Engineering (CE), etc. and many more.

  1. Law:

Law is another most appealing professional course whose demand in India is going to remain very eminent. This is generally a five-year course acknowledged as Bachelor of Arts & Legum Baccalaureus also abbreviated BA LLB.

The entrance exam held to get admission in this profession is CLAT and AILET. This province promises to be an excellent career especially in corporate and international law if done from some of the finest law schools.

  1. Medicine:

Now a days, medicinal and doctoral professional courses tend to be one of the most pleasing and popular courses after 12th. Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Science (MBBS), Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Science (BHMS), Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Science (BUMS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) are some of the most prevalent courses out there. One can also opt for other interesting career in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy etc.

CET & NEET are the most common entrance exams conducted by medical colleges and institutes every year.


  1. Chartered Accountant (CA):

CA is among the toughest conventional professional courses for assertive commerce students. The demand of CAs won’t be going out as each and everyone counting from salaried individuals to personalities with high net-worth, small businesses to enormous multinational corporations.

The work of a CA includes taxation, accounting, audit accounts, financial planning, business recovery, and insolvency etc. To become a successful CA, CPT is the entrance exam aspiring students should start preparing for.

In order to make an informed decision about the final selection of the best professional course for a bright career, we had to look after a course which provides lucrative employment choices with best in class salary perks. Among all, MBA tends to be the most successful and safe career option when done from the most reputed and best b school in India.

But searching for the right b school across the country is another challenge. One institute that is consistently ranked among the top management institutes of the country is the Institute of Management Technology – IMT Ghaziabad. They come up with more remunerative employment choices in areas of Educational Institutions, Banking, the IT sector, Media and Advertising, Financial Institutions, Market Research, Retail, Financial Consultancies and much more.

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