Concepto 2014


IMT Ghaziabad Concepto 2014, an initiative of the IMTG E-Cell which took place from 4th August 2014 to 7th August 2014, began with an unadulterated enthusiasm and verve. The idea behind this four day event was to promote and infuse an Entrepreneurial spirit in the youthful campus of the IMT-G. Concepto provided a platform for the students to showcase their ideas and business plans.

For five days, Concepto brought out the entrepreneur in every participating individual. Seven magnetic and flamboyant teams from the seven sections of the junior batch competed with each other toe to toe with their flourishing business ideas. The section wise team formation brought an innate strengthening of team spirit, competitiveness and camaraderie among participants. The concept was to be engaging and riveting to the highly sophisticated and the utterly mundane crowd alike. Also, to provide a service that is undeniable and to offer a product that is simple irresistible.

As the teams began to set up their business plan stalls it became eminent that the business plans would turn out to be spectacular. The ideas were as simple and serendipitous as one would find ranging from custom T-Shirts designs to LAN Gaming Competition.

Junior Section B brought to the battlefield the gaming business plan called "Concurso". With an enticing return probability, Concurso attracted a chunk of the IMT crowd towards their counter with beguiling and fascinating games such as FIFA 14, NFS Most Wanted, Counter Strike, etc.

Other ideas included the “Confession Stand” by Section G which offered services such as room delivered chocolates and roses to any person of desire. It is a portal that helps student to confess a feeling or an innate wish fulfilment.

Other immaculate and awe inspiring ideas at Concepto were the Tee Shirt stall by section D and the "Photowala" stall. Tee shirt design is certainly a widely used concept and equally an inviting prospect. Custom Tees were designed by the students at the whim and will of the customer.

But the pick of the pack was certainly the "Drab to Fab" stall by section C. The idea was magnificently displayed and it simply revolved around the concept of turning unused wasteful things into fabulous usable items. Admirable mention must also be given to the runners up Section A, who came up with an erudite business plan called "Greenwave Waste Management" which aimed at channelizing waste through different vendors and thereby generate revenue through it. They had proposed the plan as B2B but for the event it was conducted with a B2C agenda which included door to door waste collection followed by an apt disposal and recycling to which ever limits possible.

After a span of four gruesome days, the teams were judged based upon various business criterions including market promotion, strategy, ROI, Business model concept, innovativeness, future strategy and suchlike. As none of the teams went into losses it required profound pondering and deep gazing into each and every business idea. The winners were decided to be Section C with their prodigious "Drab to Fab" concept. Prizes worth Rs. 5000 were distributed to the winners and the runners up.

As days have breezed by, Concepto.exe has become one of the most recognizable events of IMT Ghaziabad. It is the first event that brings the batch together and puts them into a fun filled yet hardworking campus activity. Concepto brings out ideas that would help a student in their campus life and would heed to their needs. The event itself is a success only through continuous support of the participants, their hard work and enthusiasm.

Concepto lays forth the stepping stones towards a student’s successful business career. It gives the students a first-hand experience at what being an entrepreneur is all about. It teaches the tough lessons of running a business and how creativity, talent, hard work and discipline can forge a true businessman.