Student Associations - DCP

Events Committee

A well-rounded development of an individual is the main goal of extracurricular activities at any college. By working together with peers, students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict, and lead others. Taking part in these out-of-the-classroom activities helps students to understand the importance of critical thinking, time management, along with academic & intellectual competence. Involvement in activities helps students mature socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Working outside of the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows for students to improve self-confidence and to develop an appreciation for others’ differences and similarities.

Students also develop skills specific to their career path and imperative for future job success. Extracurricular involvement allows students to link academic knowledge with practical experience, which leads to a better understanding of their own abilities, talents, and career goals. Future employers seek individuals with developed “soft” skills.

Events Committee organizes a diversified set of events throughout the year. These events are well planned and incorporated into the academic calendar. From cultural activities to management events, the Events Committee covers it all. Also, they conduct an annual fest named Vaudeville that brings in a large crowd for participation and leads to healthy competition.

Corporate Committee

“A total commitment is paramount to reaching the ultimate performance.”
Dubai has emerged as a global economic hub having robust and competitive economic environment with extensive foreign trade opportunities and world class infrastructure. The Dual Country Programme (DCP) has been conceptualized with an aim to provide international experience to the candidates. Corporate committee at IMT Dubai campus is committed to provide students opportunities of industrial interactions through engagement with real life business environment and value adding workshops to equip them with tools to get ready for the corporate battle field.

Corporate committee in the past has successfully organized workshops, industrial visits and guest lectures of eminent industrial personalities. A week-long series of Industry guest lectures have already been completed by the CorpCom in October,2015 which included lectures on Middle East Job Market, Branding etc.

Media/ PR committee

For any organisation, brand is its virtue in which it can trust. For an educational institute like IMT, prospective best minds are its intellectual capital who will further contribute to the already radiating brand of IMT and Industry is the one which imbibes the trained minds to accomplish business marvels. Just like Media is the interface between the various sections of the society, Media and Public Relations Committee is the bridge between the institute and the aspirants, and is also the student’s campus media as a source of reliable and speedy information. A group of highly motivated individuals who are determined to reach out to the world upon the outstanding standards of education, students and knowledge sharing that is happening in IMT Dubai in a way that both aspirants and industry acknowledges it.

With enduring enthusiasm, they plan various events in the campus and go on to organize, coordinate and execute those activities with conviction. Fostering creativity, they invite students of not only IMT but also those in Dubai International Academic City to submit their articles and pictures for the newsletter and magazine. The Media and Public Relations committee also communicates to students information regarding various activities like cultural events, sports events, guest visits and seminars, placement processes etc. that take place in and around the campus.

In the days to come, Media and PR Committee is committed to organize and execute with synergy all the planned activities.

Mess Committee

DCP Mess committee has four students who are responsible for managing the Hostel and the Mess efficiently. The key responsibility is to prepare the menu for each month, so that variety of food can be provided with good quality. As the batch consist of both the vegetarians and Non‐vegetarians, the committee members also belong to both categories to maintain the proper check and to balance between veg and non‐veg in the menu. They also take continuous feedback from the students and meet the caterers so as to make the Mess Food as good as possible. As college is located outside India it is important, as part of psychological support and feeling of homeliness, to take care that even in Dubai students gets proper and hygienic Indian food.

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee of IMT Dubai has been vigorously involved in organising and facilitating various sports events in IMT Dubai.The Committee believes that sport is not merely for entertainment or competition but for the establishment of team spirit, individual moral and a healthy lifestyle. The players, when involved in a hearty sporting event, develop keen instincts and response. They develop on-the-spot decision making skills and learn that “while one may encounter many defeats, one must never be defeated”.

The Committee engages in uplifting sportsmanship, which is a vital part of life. It promotes students to participate so that they may receive victory with modesty and defeat with honesty. The Committee aims to provide students a wholesome and exemplary B-School Experience.

Placement Committee

Placement committee of DCP constitutes of students who study their first year of PGDM at IMT Dubai campus, where they are exposed to international corporations in an international setting.

The Placement Committee works to provide students with internships in reputed organizations and multi nationals in several countries. The committee also provides students many opportunities to hone and improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the market conditions through Short Term Projects and Summer Internships. Placecom maintains the database of all students and their preference of the internships, short term projects and gives them the opportunity to go ahead in their field of interest. Placement Committee empowers students so as to be able to work in Multinational organizations effectively, by way of training in formal interviews, written communication and mock simulations.

Alumni Committee

The alumni committee participates faithfully in all the interactions between the alums and forms a support system between the alums and the current students. They are updated about the alumni who are distinguished and eminent and try to maintain contact so as to get more short term projects, field trips and motivational lectures through them. They are responsible for keeping updated alumni lists and constantly interact with alumni in different spheres.

E-CELL Committee

The purpose of the ECELL is to enable young India to dream, to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship within the youth of the country, and to help use education to generate employment while following best business practices, and setting examples.

The E-cell in Dubai is linked to E-cell Ghaziabad and is responsible for fostering entrepreneurship amongst students and assisting budding entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary resources.

ECell plans to conduct many events which would help the students nurture the entrepreneurial side in them and believes in the concept of learning by doing.

MRRC Committee

From admission to convocation, The media relations and ranking committee stays awake with a vigilant eye and a conscious mind, constantly engaged with all stakeholders of IMT – both externally and within. No words of grumble from the students skip the microphone and no success story skips the lenses of MRRC, be it the students, faculty or alumni.

MRRC acts as a bridge between the institute and the aspirants. The interaction is then taken one step forward with City Meets organized by MRRC to allay the fears and inhibitions of the candidates before they step into the campus.

We have a junior MRRC team of Dual Country Programme students in Dubai who strive to give a first-hand experience about the program and are always up to respond to all the queries and apprehensions running in the minds of the prospective students. In the second year, the DCP students join IMT Ghaziabad as the Senior MRRC team.

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