Placement Committee

Summer internship and Final Placement may seem to be the most critical part of a two year grind at B- School, but the placement committee is also committed to facilitate other activities such as industrial visits & guest lectures for students and management development programs for working professionals.

The student body of the placement committee for the academic year 2012-2013 was newly constituted for both the senior as well as the junior members with usual expected buzz and chatter. A lot of apprehension and anxiety streamed through the committee members listening to all the hearsay from seniors about the challenge ahead. With grit and determination they entered the place-com office and started the business for the New Year.

Senior Placement Committee

The names are in the following order:

2nd Row— Rohan Chavali, Rishi Siwach, Sruti Nair, Pratik Mishra, Aaquib Bhat, Archana P., Mitha Balagopalan, Niraj Singhee
1st Row— Anusha Monga, Pooja Gupta, Mohit Sanjay Bathija, Chandan Anand, Rohit Ninan Thomas, Deepa Menon, Neha

Junior Placement Committee

The names are in the following order:

Top row(left to right) – Tanmay Swarup, Vyom Mathur, Tushar Saluja, Arunav Mukherjee, Gagandeep Marwah, Prakhar Sharma, Vignesh Sangameswaran, Siddharth Burman, Prateev Mitra
Bottom row (left to right)- Eshani Gosangi, Megha Punetha, Aastha Anand, Krittika Mehrotra, Ritu Garg, Sonakshi Joneja, Shreya Khandelwal, Divya Gajula, Richa Razdan:

From creating and managing a huge database of academic and professional particulars of each and every student on campus to preparing innovative industrial initiatives such as ‘Corporate Campus Confluence’ for increased interaction between the industry stalwarts and IMT students, the committee members always operated in a highly coordinated and efficient manner. Managing crisis situations being patient with annoyed HR executives, it soon became a daily routine.

By the end of first two months, the placement committee at IMT had successfully organized the Mahindra War Room ’12 , the spearhead campaign of the Mahindra Group conducted in top 17 B-Schools across India. The event saw participation by the students in solving case-lets of different sectors in the Mahindra Group, based on live and realistic business problems. The team from Mahindra Group had especially appreciated the level of participation by students along with the manner in which the entire event was organized at IMT.

Inviting recruiters for final placement and summer internship hiring saw the placement committee members making continuous and persistent efforts such as huge number of cold calling to various organizations, exchange of e-mails and visits to a number of companies in some of the major cities in India. The Long Summer Internship Program (LSIP) proved to be a big success as many organizations hired students for a summer internship stint of Five and a half months which was longer than the usual two month program. The result was a very successful summer season and the committee gained more confidence with each step.

Apart from organizing guest lectures for students by industrial experts on a regular basis, the placement committee successfully conducted the final placement week for the senior batch in December’12. The week saw a number of companies from diverse sectors participate during the placement week and hire in good numbers. Having operated across four verticals- corporate interface, infrastructure, control desk and hospitality, the committee members along with student volunteers from junior batch managed the entire show brilliantly. Every placement committee member was thoroughly exhausted and satisfied by the end of the gruelling week. No stone was left un-turned to deliver what was expected.

The performance was guided by efforts of all committee members and coordination of the entire batch.

We wish to thank everyone for their support!

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Student Placement Committee
IMT – Ghaziabad 2012-13

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