HRuday is the HR club of IMT Ghaziabad.

It was started in 2005 with the aim of supplementing our institute’s efforts in creating industrious and adept HR professionals.

HRuday acts as an interface between the HR students and corporate world and adds the practical learning dimension to the curriculum of students through industry interactions and exposure to HR related knowledge across the globe.

It obtains short term projects (STPs) from various prominent organizations for the students. The club organizes various inter B-School events which offer knowledge sharing between corporate heads, academicians and students of various B-Schools from all specializations and provides a platform for the students to prove themselves among students from all over the world.

It strives to keep the students updated with latest HR issues and happenings by sending out a Bi-monthly newsletter, The HR Window and Bi-annual magazine, Horizon. It organizes intra B-School events to improve the people skills of all students of IMT Ghaziabad as at the end of the day every manager needs to think like a HR manager. HRuday organizes annual HR summit annually on various important topics where students get to interact with some of the HR professionals who lead the organizations.


The academic year of HRuday starts with Chrysalis, an induction program with an interactive session between HR seniors and HR juniors where everyone gets an opportunity to know each other well, create networks, and establish a rapport amongst them.

In an attempt to provide a base to the junior batch for selection of specializations and summer placement preparations, HRuday conducted Chrysalis’13, an interactive session among seniors and juniors to bring clarity in junior’s thought process. The seniors talked about what each specialization is about, the careers available, ‘what’ and ‘how’ to prepare for internship process, the kinds of companies and profiles which comes into the campus.

Frenzia is an initiative to break the ice between all senior and junior students by bringing them together through the elements of fun and team work. It is an opportunity for the students to take a break from the daily schedule, come together and indulge themselves in creative, exciting and fun activities. They get to take time out of their busy week to know each other and explore other dimensions of themselves and their peers.

Frenzia ’13 engaged the students of all streams through a mix of fun and logic. The first round consisted of a general quiz. The second round was a betting round where each team represented an organization and students would have to bet for group of talent employees for their respective firms.

Mentor-Mentee Program:
The objective of this program is to provide guidance to HR junior batch in every aspect of their academics and career.In August 2012, students from the senior HR batch are assigned as mentors to each person of junior HR batch. The mentor-mentee interaction happened throughout the year providing more clarity to the junior batch about the various aspects of their career paths and the latest trends in the industry.

GD Forum:
The mock Group Discussion sessions were organized to the entire batch of junior students before their summer placements in September every year. They were aimed at giving valuable feedback on your etiquette, manner of speaking, body language and quality of content to the students which would immensely help them in improving their performance during placements. As a part of it, personal interviews were also conducted to evaluate their levels of preparation. The juniors received guidance from professors and seniors.

Colloquium: Colloquium is the National HR Summit of IMT Ghaziabad. It is attended by corporate persons, academicians and students from top B-Schools. It is a great platform where latest Human Resources opportunities, challenges and their various perspectives are shared. Each year one latest important issue is decided to be the subject of summit.

Colloquium ’12 was organized in October, 2013. The theme of the event was ‘Latest Trends in HR’ and was marked by the presence of eminent dignitaries from the corporate to educate the audience by their discussions on the topic. The event was held in two stages, the first one being an experience-sharing session by the corporate dignitaries and the second one being a panel discussion amongst the guests along with the participation of the audience. It was a great learning opportunity to students as they discussed their perspectives and doubts with the HR corporate persons.

Conquest brings the ultimatum of Human Resource Management to its fore. It is an endeavour to foster interaction between bright young future managers of Human Resources department and industry visionaries, a chance to prove their learning and comprehension.

Conquest ‘12 was an Inter B-School HR event which tested the holistic Human Resource skills of students required as future HR managers. It consisted of two rounds. The first round was a case-lets solving round and second round was short movie making on the theme “Talent Management of Gen Y”. The event saw participation from premier B-Schools including XLRI Jamshedpur, IIMs etc.

Flavorz ’13 was a general management intra B-School event of IMT Ghaziabad organized from February 21st to 25th 2013 by HRuday.

It tested the management abilities and business acumen of students in different fields of management as “Marketing, Finance, HR, IT & Operations in an organization are like the five fingers of hand, only if all of them work together can the hand gain maximum strength”.

The event consisted of two rounds.

The first round was an online crossword round named “Get It Right” held on 21st February 2013. The teams were given a crossword containing questions from all management streams to solve. The event saw enthusiastic participation from 80 teams.

Top 10 teams were shortlisted to Round 2 “The Smart Manager” which was held on 25th February 2013.The finalists were given a case study which depicted a business scenario involving situations related to all organizational functions. The teams were judged based on their business acumen which involves ‘smart’ decision making’ in all management areas. The judging panel then discussed the process of analyzing the case and various possible solutions which included strategic decision making. All the teams had a great learning from the session. Top two teams were awarded prizes and proved to be the ‘Smart Managers’ of IMT Ghaziabad!

Horizon is the Bi-annual Human Resources magazine of IMT Ghaziabad. With over 20,000 readership from top B-Schools, Academicians and HR Professionals, Horizon is a great platform to share one’s views and know the perspective of HR issues from others including HR veterans. It consists of faculty article, corporate articles, corporate interview with an industrial HR stalwart and best of the students articles selected from many entries.

The theme of Horizon October ’12 edition was ‘Role of HR in maintaining the equation between employee and employer’. The theme of Horizon March ’13 edition was ‘HR metrics’.

The HR Window:
The HR Window is a Bi-monthly HR newsletter of IMT Ghaziabad. It is an opening to the world of Human Resources to the students. It was a new initiative in 2012-13 by the Team HRuday to bring the latest important issues happening in the HR field.

The Corporate Jack:
HRuday launched ‘The Corporate Jack’, a monthly magazine which focuses on different aspects of placements preparation. The aim of this magazine is to make everyone aware of the current topics of discussion with related facts and figures.

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