Finnacle Investments

The Investment and Asset Management Club

Understanding stock markets can be tricky and we at Finnacle Investments try to ensure that students are ready to face the volatile markets and are not afraid to invest. We aim at developing an insight into capital markets amongst the students. We provide them with a team of experts whom they can trust with handling their funds.

To prepare the next generation of fund managers who will drive and help shape the financial markets over the next few decades

To share knowledge on the industry through various channels based on extensive research and analysis.

We take pride in undertaking a lot of initiatives to build a team of well-informed and knowledgeable future managers.

1. Prepare a team of experts who are ready to face the volatile markets
2. Manage the fund invested by the batch and ensure better returns
3. Share knowledge to the entire batch through research reports
4. Encourage and guide students to make their own investments

Finnacle Investments ensures the above through various editorials and other activities.

1. Sector Updates – Our weekly sector update covers the major news of different sectors and their impact on the market.
2. Newsletter – Our monthly newsletter ‘Return Plus’ covers portfolio analysis, stock recommendations, deal watch, investor watch and a guest article.
3. Research Reports – An extensive equity research report on companies from different sectors to evaluate investment opportunities.

Other Activities
1. Conduct workshops on trading based on technical analysis through tie-ups with reputed firms.
2. Organize guest lectures by eminent personalities from the industry on the economic outlook.

Major Events
1. Open Outcry – A fun-filled ice-breaker event to familiarize first year students with the veracities of the stock markets. The event takes the students back into the world of open pit trading where every transaction involved straining your vocal cords until you got the deal that you wanted.

2. Investomania – A week-long trading event conducted online where students create and manage their portfolio with virtual money for a week by trading real-time on virtual stock market.

3. New Fund Offer – The Finnacle Investments team invites the batch to invest their money with the club. With a proven track record of generating an average annual return of 20% over the past few years and consistently outperforming the market, it is our sincere endeavour to beat the market estimates every year.

4. Nivesh Mantra – The flagship event of Finnacle Investments, Nivesh Mantra, brings together experts from industry, academia and the student committee on a common platform to discuss and debate about the upcoming market trends. It also provides a platform to the students to showcase their knowledge through panel discussions and participate in competitions like equity research challenge to bring out the financial genius in them.

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