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The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Ghaziabad

The Entrepreneurship Cell of IMT Ghaziabad, rated No.1 in Delhi-NCR is one of the major E-Cells in the country. The purpose of E-Cell, IMT Ghaziabad, is to enable young India to dream, to sow the seeds of entrepreneurship within the youth of the country, and to help use education to generate employment while following best business practices, and setting examples. We are closely associated with organizations of repute, such as the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE). We have already been part of the successful creation of two start-ups that have become major players in the market and we have several more in the pipeline.


E-Cell is primarily responsible for fostering entrepreneurship amongst students and assisting budding entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary resources. We have successfully organised events like Concepto.exe, Start-up Fair, Innovation Lab, En-talks and many more. E-Cell, IMT-G is strongly backed by its Patron organizations like TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and NEN (The National Entrepreneurship Network), who work towards fostering entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education to inspire, educate and support the next generation of high-growth entrepreneurs in India.

We also have an incubation centre which we give to student start-ups in IMT which provides them with all the facilities required to run their business and also help the students get seed funding and mentorship.

Events Details 2013-14

1. Concepto.exe 2.0 – This is among the first events held every year in the campus of IMT Ghaziabad. This event is a platform where seven dynamic teams of the first year compete against one another with their respective business models. Their business models are evaluated on a number of parameters from the inception of the idea to the marketing, operations and logistics of the finished product or service. All the teams have a five day window to sell their products and/or services within the premises of IMT-G. The key emphasis is on innovative ideas which can provide end-products or services that can aid the students of the campus in leading a more comfortable life during their stay at IMT.

2.I-Lab – This event is conducted annually by the Ecell of IMT-G and it is a mentorship programme in which students get in touch with successful entrepreneurs. Here everything related to setting up your own venture is discussed right from idea generation, licenses, funding, legalities all the way to actually running your business.

3.Start Up Fair(SUF) -Start-Up-Fair is the flagship event of E-Cell, IMT Ghaziabad and it provides a networking platform for start-ups, students, banks & VCs to network with the future start-ups and assess ideas. This is a mega event which along with elevator pitches, also provides an opportunity for the various start-ups to use the talents of the student pool at IMT to solve their problems. This also sees panel discussions by eminent personalities and has a lot of events that add value for all the participants.

Short term Projects – Every year E –Cell executes a number of Short Term projects. These short term projects help students to work on live projects and get involved in startups that help them to enhance learning and get a feel of real application of management concepts. The E-cell Short Term Projects or STPs is an initiative where we provide our college students with the opportunity of working with innovative companies. College students work on these projects for a month or two during their stay in the college.

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