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The Official Marketing Club of IMT Ghaziabad

Club MarkUp is the official marketing club of IMT Ghaziabad. IMT has over the years been known for producing talented marketers who have gone on to make their mark in the industry. We at Club MarkUp have always strived to provide opportunities to every student to not only further understand the world of marketing but experience it, through industry interactions and live projects.

Club MarkUp is one of the clubs at IMT Ghaziabad working proactively for the overall development of student’s management skills in marketing domain. MarkUp, with its various Inter and Intra college events throughout the year, empowers the competitive spirits, enhances marketing analytics skills and provides live experience through short term projects to students in marketing area. We, MarkUpites envision to be a student-run marketing enterprise that not only offers a platform for the budding marketing managers at IMT but also provides real time solutions for the corporates.

MarkUp Highlights:
Club MarkUp has foot prints in every sphere of students’ activities that are needed to engage them in positive ways. Below are the highlights of activities which are organized and conducted by MarkUp:

Events of MarkUp:
Club MarkUp conducts both Intra as well as Inter college, management and advertisement events at different timelines of throughout the year.

The major events are: Mark Roadies, Ad-O-Holic, Marketing World Cup and the EY quiz. The profound enthusiasm portrayed by the students in the various Inter B-School events of Club MarkUp like Ad-o-holic and its flagship event, the ‘Marketing World Cup’ underlines the spirit by which MarkUp is living by till now and will continue to do so.

Short Term Projects
Owing to MarkUp’s strong Alumni base and its collaboration with corporate world, helps it to facilitate the Short Term Projects ( STPs ) to enhance the marketing abilities of the IMT students.

Marketing Magazine: Markezine
The Club believes in improvising the understandability of the current marketing scenario by gathering exclusive views of industry experts and its marketing peers and compiling it in e-magazine. Magazine of the club is ‘Markezine’, every edition of it focuses on one or two key trends of marketing. The magazine boasts of columns by industrialists, articles from the lecturers and students as well as quizzes and contests for fun reading.

Yearly event details
Our yearly efforts are encrypted as below:

Event Details 2014-15

  1. Marketing World Cup 2014
    On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014, MarkUp conducted the marketing world cup 2014. The flagship marketing event saw participation from almost 200 teams across all b-schools in India. From the IIMs, XLRI, FMS, MDI, NMIMS, SIBM and many more, participants were eager to be a part of this marketing extravaganza. Teams of 3-8 members competed in a series of case study based competitions that pushed their marketing knowledge to the limits. This grueling 48 hour event had the teams fighting for the ultimate prize, the Marketing World Cup itself. There were 5 core events and 2 on the spot events, along with special online events.1. Kurien of the Desert: A one of a kind event, that explored the possibility of introducing camel milk in India and the challenges faced therein.2. Eintrag Zu Luxus: A fascinating study into the world of automobiles and the challenges of collaboration between two big names in the auto industry.3. The Loyal Edge: Sponsored by Cinepolis, this special event required the participants to come up with innovative ways to improve their loyalty programs.

    4. BrandWidth: Sponsored by Aircel, this event highlighting the challenges of the changing telecom sector pushed the contestants to the limit.

    5. Smart Sell: This event is sponsored by ADCOM, a new up and coming mobile handset maker. It requires contestants to come up with ways to cement ADCOM’s place within the pantheon of great smart phone makers.

    Along with the above mentioned events, we also had 2 on the spot events that were given to the participants on the day of the event. These were challenging not only due to the content but also due to the strict time constraints.

    1. Heal-thy: A special case study developed in collaboration with Fortis healthcare gave the participants a glimpse into the world of healthcare marketing
    2. Basket of Joy: In today’s ever growing e-commerce sector, the interesting opportunities in online gifting were explored. Sponsored by gift xoxo.

    To close of this feast of marketing, we had a special event for the teams. Line of Fire was a chance for the teams to test their PR and selling skills in this interactive event conducted in the Amphitheatre. This fun and sometimes heated contest had the teams debating on a range of topics from sports, business and politics.

    This year we were proud to have ADCOM as our title sponsor. MWC’14 also boasts of event partners like Aircel, cinepolis and Fortis, gifting partners ebay, digiflip, giftxoxo, online partners the banyan tee, line, youth connect refreshment partners udipi Krishna hotel, urzza, knowledge partners jigsaw academy, lemon ideas,and category partners pfc, ntpc and south Indian bank.

    2 Ad-o-holic 9.0
    MarkUp held its annual advertising event on the 5th of September 2014 that invites participation from across India. This year with over 75 teams competing it was a tough fight. With the theme of Male grooming products in India, the teams were pushed to their creative limits. The final round was conducted on campus with the top 10 teams competing for the prize.

    3 Mark Roadies 7.0
    On the 22nd of July 2014, MarkUp held Mark Roadies 7.0. This special intra college event is a chance for the first year students to experience the fast paced and hectic life of a b-school student. With over 90 teams participating, this event saw the top 10 teams battling it out in a case study contest in the final round.

    4 Markezine
    This special marketing magazine, which invites articles from students across all the top b-schools and also has invited articles from eminent industry experts. It is publishes thrice a year.

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