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Changes in world geopolitical and economic order have made the world much more equal than it was a couple of decades ago. Since the emerging economies are home to nearly two-third of the global population, it is natural that they are fast emerging as the new center of gravity for world trade. Developed economies understand this paradigm shift as is reflected by the renewed focus of global corporations on these markets. Besides invigorated sales and marketing efforts, MultiNational Corporations are spending considerable time in understanding emerging markets. Owing to the sheer size and complexity of these markets, it is incumbent upon these corporations to co-opt institutions knowing these markets better. This is where the Emerging Markets Conference contributes significantly to industry and academia.

Emerging economies are rich in factors of production. They account for most of the mineral and natural resources needed for industrial production. They are also among the biggest consumers for most products and services. Surging population of emerging markets is also an abundant pool of man-power. However, these markets need guidance and support from developed countries in extracting the maximum value from these factors of production. It is important for the developed and emerging markets to collaborate for delivering the right value to the customers. Mutually beneficial interactions between them would lead to sustainable growth in business as well as quality of life.

Since the two sets of economies differ significantly in terms of socio-economic context, companies must redefine their value propositions to meet the expectation of customers in the emerging markets. This necessitates a dialogue where researchers and practitioners operating in these economies share their experiences and research outcomes. The 2015 Emerging Markets Conference on the theme ‘Redefining value for Emerging Markets’ provides an ideal platform where the experiences and thoughts can be assimilated to come up with a unified understanding of redefining value for emerging markets.

The conference intends to provide the following:

  1. A platform for sharing and exchanging experiences and insights on emerging markets.
  2. A signpost of intellectual contributions providing a coherent view on marketing in emerging markets.
  3. An opportunity to deliberate upon and set the research agenda for emerging markets.

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