Vishit Jain – You were our source of ebullient joy and nervous energy at IMT Ghaziabad.

A tribute to a life that was destined for greatness

It is so difficult to talk about you in the past tense. . .

You were a gem of a person, VISHIT JAIN.

Your personality, your courage, your confidence . . . and that thousand-watt smile which would light up any class that you’d enter.

You’ve left a trail of footprints in our hearts in such short span of time.

Why is it that you are inerasable from our minds?

Because you never worked for applause . . . you worked for the cause.

Because you never lived your short life to impress . . . but lived it to express.

You had everything . . . everything it takes to make your presence felt.

And yet . . . you chose to make your absence felt.

I first met you, Vishit, on my first day as an IMT student. It was the 20th of June 2011. So tell me now . . . how do I remember the 20th of June?

As the day I first met you? or The day when we lost you forever?

For it was exactly a year later, on the 20th of June 2012, that you went across the sun.

I still remember how you met us on 20th of June 2011.

You were smiling a smile of assurance for all us newcomers. You were so proud of being an IMTian. Your confidence seeped into our souls, and will remain forever in our minds.

That day, we didn’t talk to you for very long; but we knew right there and then, that you’d be there for us, in this ocean of new faces.

We miss you so inconsolably today because, you were indeed there for us . . . always and every time.

My journey with you started with the Student Affairs and Welfare Council – SAWC. I was a junior with following your lead. How many times you amazed us by your perseverance, aptitude, boldness, leadership and honesty. I saw you share the success of SAWC with one and all, and took the blame for our rare faltering, squarely on your shoulders. You linger on, every day, in our minds in a single word – PASSION . . . for your team, your juniors, your college and our SAWC.

You pushed us to explore our limits by continuously setting examples and motivating us. You prepared us for life.

You taught us to face challenges with your street-smart wisdom.

That day still lives in my mind, larger than life when the semester-end Statistics exam was looming large on the horizon, but I was also up against a deadline to dispatch postal invitations to all top B-Schools of India. It was a responsibility given to me. On that Friday evening, I had almost given up. I had missed my first deadline and it seemed like the end of the road for me. It was at this juncture that you held me in the hollow of your hand, working relentlessly by my side to post all the invitations before 5 PM. We did it!

And then you said something I still carry in my attitude.

“Without fail, plan before you begin your work. And if you’ve planned it well . . . don’t stop till the job is done.”

Strategy making, Planning, Resource Management . . . you were result-oriented – and many mistook you for being a workaholic.

Workaholic ?!

You were interested in my stories. You would instinctively know what I wanted to talk about and answer the unasked questions.

You would take out time to dream . . . and encourage us to dream as well.

I know your dreams. They were beautiful. Wish you could’ve lived to fulfill them.

Vishit, you were one of the best who walked amongst us. We are so deeply hurt by your absence.

How can a man with such fire, such enthusiasm, such passion . . . live for such a short time?

We owe it to your FIRE . . . we owe it to your PASSION.

Wherever you are, I earnestly hope you will be watching over us at IMT Ghaziabad . . . because the fire that you started is getting bigger and better.

And once we’ve taken this fire to the level you wanted us to, you will say once again as you used to say,

“I love my IMT. It is indeed my heaven.”

Yours truly,