The Aviators Fly High

When they said practice makes a man perfect, perhaps what they didn’t see coming, was that the journey towards excellence would one day consider the word perfect just a mile stone, not the destination. When six senior officials of Reckitt Benckiser were waiting for a well-rehearsed presentation on the podium of IIM Calcutta, team Aviators from IMT Ghaziabad took the whole audience by surprise with a “real marketing presentation”. Excellent presentation skills of PGDM second year students Ankit Sharma and Akshat Kumar earned great admiration in the 7th annual marketing case study competition by RB India and Durex, finally making it to the second runners up position.

The basic idea behind the event remains the promotion of one of the power brands of Reckitt Benckiser and this year, the brand was Durex. The challenge before the participants was to normalise the category of condoms. Behaviour of customers toward buying sanitary napkins was quoted as reference. Total 50 entries from top 25 business schools of India competed against each other in the first round. Finally six teams were given a chance to present their solution in the second round.

Worldwide presence of Durex brand is claimed by 80 per cent market share, whereas in India, the brand holds only 4 per cent share. The judges were looking for a solution that would help the brand not to eat out of the shares of competitors, but to make it visible in the unserved and underserved market.

Team Aviator tried to address the business problem through their idea, the different aspects of which lay in bringing media on board for the normal acceptance of the product, in convincing the retailers to stock Durex condoms and give the due visibility to the product and finally in introducing Durex razor, so that a customer became aware of the brand at an early stage of his life. Behind the content of this presentation was an extensive behavioural analysis that required 30 percent primary and 70 per cent secondary research. The study of consumer behaviour started in Ghaziabad market and continued even in the journey to IIM Calcutta. No surveys were floated, the behaviour of consumers was observed in the shops for better understanding.

When it came to the final presentation of the idea on stage, Akshat and Ankit preferred to take advantage of their skills at excellent storytelling with natural flow, rather than practising for a performance on the podium over and over again. According to them, their strongest point was the extensive research and the fact that they had complete conviction and clarity on what they had to convince the audience about. The team acknowledges the help and support from faculty and friends in IMT Ghaziabad in making this such a huge success.