Idea Indiana A Milano

“Your greatness is revealed not by the lights that shine upon you, but by the light that shines within you.” – Ray Davis

Great heights were achieved when the flag of IMT Ghaziabad from India secured a respectful position at Milan, Italy on 26th Food and Nutrition Young Earth Solutions. In the live video coverage aired across internet, there emerged three young faces taking the cause of hunger and obesity towards a new path breaking solution. However, the real shining light that actually marked the difference between mediocrity and their greatness was captured by team Perspective in the calm atmosphere of office room, for behind all the fame and this great success story of Aastha Malhotra, Tanya Srivastava and Toshali Ghosh, lied a great cause of their own and respect for an even greater cause. And yes, that attitude does make you a winner.

1. Every success story has a steady source of motivation. Tell us about yours.
Our story had three characters of three different body types and our objective was to find one solution that will be applicable to all the body types. Hence we could relate to the problem and the proposed solution in a much better way and that kept us motivated till the end.

2. What was the basic idea of your project?
We live in a world where some get to spend a lot over food and often consume more than the required quantity, and some less fortunate ones don’t get enough to meet the daily requirement.If a proper balance can be maintained, it would help solve the problem of hunger as well as obesity.

3. Tell us briefly about the solution you provided to hunger and obesity problem.
The solution provided was to create a health footprint and it had three different stages of implementation. The first was introducing an app to lock the amount of calorie intake with each food serving on a daily basis. Once the stipulated calorie amount is reached, the user is intimated. The app also records the number of calories lost in workouts and rates the user with stars on the basis of total calorie consumed and lost. The number of stars can be shared on social media profiles of the users to keep them motivated. The second stage was to spread awareness among the consumers by making the QR code, from the tray mat of known food chains across the world, available on the internet. The third stage was to make the whole affair

integrated with Facebook. The consumers would get to rate the food corners and on the basis of calorie content of the food served, a red, yellow or green color code is assigned to these corners. As a consumer checks into a restaurant, his Facebook profile will be coloured accordingly.

4. What was the timeline of the event?
We had to submit a report in June 2012 for the first round. Ten teams were chosen from 200 teams to proceed for the final presentation round on 15th September.

5. How did you find the whole experience? This was a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for all three of us. Making it to world’s top ten teams is one thing; seeing the flag of IMT Ghaziabad from India in such a huge platform brought us to tears many times. It was a breath taking experience to face so many cameras when you know you are being given a live video coverage. Your voice trembles, but out of excitement. We were given the opportunity to post tweets that had a viewership of more than 20,000. The thrill and the excitement of that moment simply cannot be described in words. What you bring back is just a plethora of souvenirs from such moments.

6. How did you find the city and their culture? Share something that really impressed you.
We got an opportunity to interact with the other teams; it’s a wonderful experience to gather first-hand information about the different cultures of world on such a huge platform. We really admired the architecture of the city, they have taken special care to maintain it the way it was years ago. At Milan, we were served zero-wastage food. This was just one of the interesting concepts we came across. One really good thing about the whole gathering was they all knew how to build over an idea, they all knew how to encourage creativity. You always bring back a great level of satisfaction when you are a part of such a team.

7. What was your key take away from the event?
The team that won was from Bangladesh and in their project; they were trying to solve real life problems that if taken care of, can provide food to many who actually need it. Innovation can best serve the society when addressing the real necessities. We fight over small things, worry over minute problems in our lives. But, life has bigger issues and there are people who are trying hard to fight for bigger causes. When you come across such people and understand their cause, you don’t think twice before congratulating them because respect comes right from your heart.