A Zyaada Ka Iraada Moment @ ISB Mohali

Addicted to success are the souls who believe in walking that extra mile towards their long-cherished dream. In the restlessness of their minds lies their energy, in their anxiety lies their uncontrollable urge to excel and in the insomnia of their nights lies the dream of their big day. One such dream came true on 23rd November 2013 when Akshay Nangia, Ashish Bhadauria and Mayank Rawat claimed the winners’ trophy at ISB Mohali campus.

The entry sent by the Ghazab Ghaziabadis had to fight it out with more than 150 entries that were invited for Nielsen ISB Consumer Insights Challenge (NICIC) conducted during Advaita, the flagship annual management fest of ISB Mohali, to finally make it to the top five teams. The teams were given a case study pertaining to life insurance sector and were required to choose a company, come up with a product idea, conduct market research and submit a complete plan for promotion and distribution of the product. The deliverable of the first round was a very crisp presentation of the whole idea in just 7 slides.

The final five teams who made their way to the final round were from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade Delhi, Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar, Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad, Indian School of Business Hyderabad, and Nielsen North point. As the teams reached Mohali campus, their accommodation was well taken care of.

On the day of the final event, each team was given 20 minutes to present the idea and 10 minutes were allocated for question answer round. Six senior officials from A C Nielsen were present in the judges panel to evaluate the performance of the finalists.

Team Ghazab Ghaziabadis from IMT Ghaziabad was declared the winner of the event. Their chosen company for the event was Max Life. Speaking of their performance, the judges said that they were looking for a 360 degree solution to the problem at hand and the winning team had done proper justice to their expectations. Their performance at the question answer round was especially appreciated by not only the judges but also their own competitors. The team acknowledges the help and support of faculty and friends. Also, learning from courses such as Marketing Strategy and Organisation helped them understand the business problem in a much better way.