Saiyam Arora wins first price at ISB Mohali’s event, Chatterbox

Chatter away was the theme and the 25 odd contestants did exactly that at “Chatterbox” - an event conducted by the Toastmasters Club of ISB Mohali.

Having to either spin a story on a given topic or create a brand mantra for a given product, Saiyam Arora of IMT Ghaziabad chose the latter to claim the first place.

Parameters for judging were a mix of wit, poise, body language and a connect with the audience. This was one event were laughter was the norm.

The products ranged from Axe deo, potato, white T-shirt and many more, while the stories were on the lines of “If I was invisible”, “When I was in the bathroom”.

All in all, it was a “chatter”ful event.