Team Gaddha Gyan at FMS Delhi

Chanakya was organized at FMS Delhi on 14th Feb 2015. Team Gaddha Gyan comprising of Kunal Venkatraman, Shivi Srivastava and Karan Arora fought it out with seven other teams from colleges like IIFT, NMIMS and FMS in the final round. Top 25 teams were selected in the first round out of the almost 175 teams and out of these 25 teams, seven teams were selected for the finals.

In the final round, the teams were required to chart out policies for the sectors allocated to them from the Make in India campaign launched by the Government of India. Team Gaddha Gyan had been allocated Defence Manufacturing as the sector of interest. They analysed the current defence manufacturing scenario in India extensively and provided solid recommendations in terms of the policies that will enable India to be a hub of Defence Manufacturing. All the judges appreciated their analysis and recommendations and they were declared winners of Chanakya.