Summer Training

Summer Internships are an integral part of the education imparted at IMT Ghaziabad. This is serious business. When students intern, they work on projects that the company has entrusted to them. The outcome could mean a career with the company and very valuable lessons on a working life.

Internships for students start at the end of Year 1 (around April). Depending on the company and the project entrusted to them, Summer Internships could last anywhere between 10 to 14 weeks.

Objectives of Summer Internships:

  • Students who have no prior work experience get exposure to corporate life. Because you work on live projects, you realize where your interests lie, which sector is best suited to you and where you would like to begin your career, so when you go into your second year at IMT Ghaziabad, you can choose your subjects accordingly
  • For students with prior work experience, the Summer Internship is an opportunity to gain exposure to different industries, new companies and diverse functions
  • Provide an opportunity for both the student and the company to decide on mutual compatibility. Very often, companies where a PDGM student interns, are impressed with the IMT Ghaziabad student’s performance. They end up offering him / her a permanent career option