Learning Methodology

The PGDM (Executive) program at IMT consists of much more than theory - hands-on experience lets students put into practice the lessons learned in class. In IMT, the learning model encompasses a broad ground of concepts with case studies and real life projects. Apart from this, seminars, simulations and group projects are incorporated to hone students’ learning and management skills to peak performance levels.

Students have maximum flexibility in choosing electives across streams, regardless of their specialization, allowing them the satisfaction of studying subjects that interest them beyond the core course.

With IMT Ghaziabad’s campus near the Delhi NCR region, students have extensive and regular interaction with industry leaders - a definite enrichment of the educational process.

A 15-month course, IMT’s PGDM (Executive) programme features 12 months in class and three months working in industry, gaining valuable real-life experience.

In addition, IMT focuses on student exchange programmes with reputed B-schools worldwide, enabling students to develop cross-cultural insights and perspectives and better understand global business.

In the PGDM (Executive) course you will have a chance to meet new people, exchange ideas and contribute to each-other’s growth in all areas of life. All this adds to a manager’s employability because, in today’s global economy, companies are increasingly seeking out employees who have a global perspective and can operate in almost any part of the world.

The objective is to prepare you for an enhanced career in specific fields and management leadership in general.

“This programme enables these professionals to augment their careers and growth prospects,” says Dr. Sandeep Puri, Chairperson of the IMT PGDM (Executive) programme. “This course is apposite for professionals who feel the need and the significance to continuously reinvent themselves with the aim of keeping up with the dynamic global economic scenario.”