“Regardless of who you are or what you have been, you can be what you want to be”
– W. Clement Stone

A lot of opportunity surrounds us. We can see it if we care to look. And an entrepreneur is always looking for that foot in the door, that little ray that can turn into a beam or the seed of an idea that shows a glimmer of growing into something big. Huge even.

The E-Cell undertakes initiatives throughout the year and facilitates interactions of IMT students with students of other B-schools, Start-ups, Banks, Angel Investors/VCs and Sector Experts.

Always active, the E-Cell of IMT and its members are constantly working, thinking, brainstorming and coming up with ideas. Some of its activities include:

En Talks:
En Talks are actually informal sessions with entrepreneurs and are held on campus. These are organized to help young, budding entrepreneurs learn, get inspired by and share their ideas/plans with those who have already taken the plunge. They help you stand by your convictions and build strong foundations.

MSME Centre of Excellence:
The MSME Centre of Excellence organizes consulting projects from small scale firms for students. It is a symbiotic relationship, as students get exposed to young entrepreneurial organizations and MSME’s get necessary professional managerial inputs and ideas.

Innovation Lab:
This initiative supports aspiring students with business ideas. Innovation Lab mentors them, guides them into developing their ideas - making them real and concretizing them with proper business plans. Students get penetrating insights and valuable feedback, which they can then work upon in order to perfect their business plan.

Incubation Centre:
Incubation Centre, like its name suggests, provides life support to an idea. It helps the student think through a business idea from start to fruition, till they can support themselves. In short, E-Cell provides operational support to the incubatees and the management of Incubation Centre.