First Workshop – DBA

“In September 2013, the first Cohort of the GEM-IMT DBA started their journey towards the Doctorate of Business Administration. The kick-off seminar was hosted in Grenoble Ecole de Management campus, in the city of Grenoble, France. During this week, a workshop spanning 35 hours of intense discourse dealt with research philosophy, literature review, research design, quantitative and qualitative methods. The doctoral seminar were taught by senior Professors of Management of Grenoble Ecole de Management.

Who are the seven lucky students who have been selected? Five are professors looking for senior positions in their respective home institutions by gaining deeper knowledge in their areas of specialization. Two are consultants looking to improve their skills in methodology and getting expertise in specialized research topics of their choice. The candidates’ areas of research are varied: role of HR in managing national cultures during M&As, the study of the mentor-protégé relationship in organizations, the study of business networks with agent-based modeling, the conditions for sustainable development of family businesses, the influence of culture in social buying, the impact of discount rate changes on industry stock returns, and the impact of counter-trade and offsets on industrialization of emerging countries. In the DBA philosophy, all management profiles and topics are welcome as long as they aim at helping organizations make better business decisions and achieve better business outcomes, and providing new theoretical contributions to business science.”

Michel POLSKI - DBA Program Director - Grenoble Campus

Participants Speak

“I switched to academia from corporate about 4 years ago and since then I had been looking for a program which could help me with my academic as well as professional career. There are many fantastic PHD and DBA programs out there but in the end I was able to find a perfect fit for my needs in the form of the Grenoble DBA. My visit to Grenoble was full of pleasant surprises. Facilities are state of the art, Professors are not only there to teach us but I felt that they were cheering for our success from the word go. The city was to fall in love with as well. The whole atmosphere set up for a great learning environment.”

Mohammad Asad Ilyas – Assistant Professor and Chairperson (Accounting and Law Department) Institute of Business Administration, Karachi, Pakistan

“I joined GEM-IMT DBA as I wanted to pursue a doctoral program of high impact both by learning and repute along with my job. Visit to the school in Grenoble was a great experience, I learned a lot and realized there is still a lot to learn, to which our faculty members continually engage us. I had a high degree of regard for the school and the faculty even before the visit, but after my workshop and experience at the school and with the faculty it grew manifold. Thank you for the opportunity given to me through this program and I look forward to continued interactions and learning.”

Rakesh Bhatia, Managing Director - RealPage India, Hyderabad.