Career Start

When you would have decided to join an MBA institute straight after college you might have had a dream job in mind. Or, as you interact with you peer group, teachers and mentors from the corporate world, you build a strong sense of which functions, companies or sectors you would like to take your first job. At IMT Ghaziabad we will work with you to help make all of this happen:

First, during the first year, IMT Ghaziabad offers two Business Communications electives. As part of this, you will prepare yourself by participating in faculty supervised mock interviews and group discussions classes. Industry experts are invited to give talks on company expectations and what you as a fresh manager need to start out in the career of your dreams.

Second, as part of the initiatives of different clubs, senior executives from corporate houses are invited to campus to directly come and interact with you to help you get a better understanding of different career paths, company cultures, etc. Different conclaves, conferences, seminars are regularly held during the year to give you an opportunities to interact with senior executives.

Third, the alumni relationship cell has a special 'Mentorship Programme' in place where you can opt for an alum as your mentor to help you take more informed decisions in choosing your first internship or job.