Career Shift

Many IMT Ghaziabad students come with prior work experience. They seek a career shift and look forward to an MBA for better career prospects and a better ability to understand their roles as Managers & Leaders. To aid them in making these function, company or sector shifts, IMT has put in place a well structured programme:

First, IMT offers two Business Communications electives in their first year. The purpose of these electives is to invite senior industry experts to campus to interact with you and tell you what to do and how to go about successfully working towards a career shift. Simulated personal interviews and group discussions rounds are regularly conducted to help you prepare for the placement period.

Second, the different student clubs and committees formulated at IMT Ghaziabad organize corporate interactions through the year to give you enough interaction and networking opportunities with senior executives from your desired companies, sectors or functions.

Third, with over a hundred electives to choose from at IMT Ghaziabad and the flexibility to take electives from streams other than your area of specialization, you get an opportunity to learn so many different domains. This will help you make more informed choices on career shifts.

Fourth, IMT Ghaziabad's Alumni Committee offers a unique 'Mentorship Programme' where you will be assigned to an alum from your desired field who can guide you in making well informed career shift decisions.