Who Should Apply?

The DBA is a degree for practitioners seeking practical application of theory in relation to their experience in the corporate world & academics. Participants typically include:


  • Experienced executives and consultants who want to transform their know-how into research-based outcomes or want to become practitioner scholars.
  • Individuals who want to gain credentials to be academically qualified (AQ) at the university or college. This is certified by AACSB International as AQ =PQ equivalent.


  • Companies gain from Applied Research
  • Advantage of innovation in products and services for larger profits
  • Globally exposed people
  • Learn from the global best practices
  • Be ahead of the learning curve
  • Enhance and efficient process

Companies that choose to sponsor candidates in this respected DBA program benefit directly from their research and study. Each candidate conducts doctoral research on actual business and management issues, often based on their own company’s current and anticipated needs. Additionally, the company needs not lose valuable managers while they pursue this part-time program.


  • Create an institution with a difference. Create your own world class faculty. Empower and encourage your faculty to harness their true potential
  • Opening doors for your faculty mobility and greater exposure
  • A doctorate motivation – leading to more consulting projects
  • Multiply your faculty retention multifold & attractive to new faculty recruitments
  • Make a name in the global school rankings and with credible research