CMIE Databases

CMIE provide a complete solution to the information needs of academic institutions. It has been designed keeping in mind the increasing need of reliable and authentic data for Corporates and Economies for India as well as World.

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List of databases available CMIE Databases

Economic Outlook: This service provides insights, forecasts, near real-time release of new economic data, comments on developments and a large database. The service provides forecasts for growth in real GDP, industrial production, agricultural production, and also for inflation, balance of payments, Central Government finances, corporate finances, money & banking, energy, infrastructure and more.

Industry Outlook: The Industry Analysis Service is a powerful combination that brings together the advantages of a database service and analysis. It provides both. It presents detailed data on Demand and Supply, Prices, Financial performance. Investments etc. of the industries.

States of India: States of India is a comprehensive database of the 35 states and union territories of India. Statistics on states are released by various state & central agencies. CMIE excels in compiling all this information into one cohesive and seamless offering. The spectrum of statistics covered include economic, demographic, industrial and socio-economic indicators. State domestic product, banking, public finance, agriculture, energy, investments and infrastructure constitute the economic profile. Whereas, patterns of crime, education and employment reflect on the socio-economic performance of states. Demographic indicators includes population size & composition and territorial distributions.

Prowess (LAN): Prowess is a database of large and medium Indian firms. It contains detailed information on over 21,500 firms. It also provides various effectives methods to conduct different analysis and research .e.g company profiling, product profiling, comparison of one company vis-a-vis different company or a group of companies even an industry analysis is also possible.

India Trades (LAN): India Trades presents India's official foreign trade statistics and related data in a user-friendly and software-enabled database. The database is detailed upto the 8-digit level of classification. India Trades follows the Indian Trade Classification (based on the Harmonized Systemof Classification).

Installation require for accessing India Trades and Prowess.