Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad
Jay Mitra


Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
Essex Business School
University of Essex
United Kingdom

Educated in India (Presidency College, University of Calcutta and Jadavpur University) and the UK (University of Stirling), Professor Mitra trained in the private sector in the UK, worked as a Principal Officer for local government also in the UK, specialising in economic and business development, and taught at 3 other universities in the UK, before joining the University of Essex. He also set up 2 businesses and helped support the creation of many new ventures in London..

He has written and published widely on the subject of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development with significant contributions to international refereed journals, through book chapters in leading research monographs, at refereed international conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops. He is currently editing a Routledge (Taylor and Francis) series on Entrepreneurship Studies with Professor Zoltan Acs of the George Mason School of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA and new text on Entrepreneurship and Regional Development which is expected to be published by Routledge in Spring (2011).

As the founding Professor of Business Enterprise at Essex, he established the first Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (CER) in 2004 followed by the pioneering and unique School of Entrepreneurship and Business (SEB) in 2005, the first one of its kind in the UK. Its growth and success led to the merger of SEB with the School of Accounting Finance and Management, and the formation of Essex Business School (EBS) in 2008 to which he contributed directly. He led the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group of EBS from 2008 to 2011 and continues to direct research and knowledge exchange activities at CER.

Over the last two decades, Professor Mitra has taught entrepreneurship, innovation management and regional development courses at universities in China, Finland France, Italy, India, Latvia, Malaysia, Poland, and other countries. He has also led several international research and development, knowledge transfer and training projects involving leading institutions from various countries in Europe and Asia.

Central to the development and management of numerous international projects is Professor Mitra’s direct involvement in the bidding for and raising of significant amount of funding from a range of public and private international organisations (European Commission, Department for Trade and Industry, Department for International Development, Regional Development Agencies, Department for Innovation and Universities, and various private sector sponsors), which have contributed directly to the success of such projects.

Jay Mitra draws his inspiration from music, the cinema, the theatre, literature, cricket, the tension and beauty of ordinary lives, changing landscapes, and the diversity of people, thought and action.


Current Positions

  • University of Essex
    • Professor of Business Enterprise and Innovation,
    • Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Research
    • Associate Director, Essex Business School (with responsibility for International Development)
  • Scientific Adviser to the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and its LEED (Local Economic and Employment) Programme, Trento Centre, Italy and Paris, France;
  • Director , International Council for Small Businesses;
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK;
  • Leader of the International Entrepreneurship Forum, a unique platform of researchers, policy makers and business practitioners concerned with entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development



Previous Positions

  • Visiting Professor at the School of Management at Fudan University in China (2008 to 2010-11);
  • Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Bedfordshire, (2003-4)
  • Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (founder), Birmingham City University, (1997 -2003)
  • Head of Economic Development Unit, University of North London, (1991-1997)
  • Principal Business Adviser, Department of Town Planning and Economic Development, London Borough of Lambeth (1983-1991)


Previous Independent Business Interests

  • Founder Director, Transcom Ltd – a printing and copy design firm (1989- 1994) + Business Consultancy

Editorial Board Membership and Membership of Professional Organisations
Joint Editor of new ‘Journal of Security and Sustainability’ (to be launched in late 2011)

Member of the editorial board of:

  • Journal of Entrepreneurial and Organisational Diversity (new Open Access Journal to be launched in late 2011)
  • International Journal for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • International Journal for Management and Enterprise Development
  • International Journal for E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Industry and Higher Education Journal;
  • International Journal of Business Innovation and Research
  • Journal of Business Economics and Management

Member of Professional Organisations:

  • Royal Society of Arts
  • American Economic Association
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (UK)
  • European Council for Small Businesses
  • International Council for Small Businesses
  • Regional Studies Association
  • Indian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • International Association of Science Parks Advisory Council (till 2002)
  • Association of University Professors, UK


Recent Relevant Publications only


  • Mitra, J (2012) ‘Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development’ (Abingdon, Routledge);
  • (2009) Mitra, J, ‘Enterprise Support Systems: An International Perspective’, (ed. with M. Manimala and V.Singh), London, New Delhi, Sage);
  • Mitra, J (forthcoming , 2012) ‘The Business of Innovation’ London, Sage;
  • Mitra, J (forthcoming, 2012) ‘Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Exchange’, (ed. with J. Edmondson), Abingdon Routledge;

Book Chapters

  • (2011) Science, technology and regional entrepreneurial growth in India: the case of the software industry’ in Mian, S. A. (ed) (2011; forthcoming) ‘Science and Technology Based Regional Entrepreneurship: Global Experience in Policy and Program Development’ Cheltenham, Edward Elgar
  • (2008) ‘Towards an Analytical Framework for Policy Development’ in Potter, J (ed) (2008) Entrepreneurship and Higher Education’, pp.17-44; Paris, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  • (2008), ‘From Unemployment to Entrepreneurship: Creating Conditions for Change for Young People in Central and Eastern European countries’ in Blokker, P and B. Dallago (2008), ‘Youth Entrepreneurship and Local Development in Central and Eastern Europe’ pp. 31-60, Aldershot, Ashgate (with S. Arzeni)
  • (2008) ‘Higher Education’s Role in Entrepreneurship and Economic Development’ in OECD (2008) in Potter, J (ed) Entrepreneurship and Higher Education’ pp. 45-64 Paris, Organisation for Economic co-operation and Development (with M. Manimala)
  • (2009) ‘Regional Cluster Formation:A Case Study of the Software Cluster in Birmingham, UK, in Manimala, M; Mitra J, and Varsha, H London, New Delhi, ‘Sage’, pp 65-89 (with J.Li)

Book Series

  • Routledge Studies in Entrepreneurship (ed. with Z. Acs): Abingdon, Routledge, 2 publications to date: Harrison, R.T. and C.M. Leitch (ed)‘Entrepreneurial Learning: Conceptual Frameworks and Applications’, and Southern, A.(ed.) ‘Enterprise Deprivation and Social Exclusion’; 3 others in the pipeline.

Refereed Journal Articles

  • 2011) ‘Knowledge Creation and Human Capital for Development: The Role of Graduate Entrepreneurship, Education and Training (forthcoming, with Y.A. Abubakar and M.Sagagi)
  • (2010) ‘The spatial determinants of entrepreneurship in the regions of England, 2000-2004, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Vol.9, No.2: 143-161(with W.Gleave)
  • (2010) ‘Factors Influencing Innovation Performance in European Regions: Comparing Manufacturing and Services ICT Sub-sectors, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Special Issue on: Realigning the Innovation-Entrepreneurship Interface (with Y A Abubakar)
  • (2009) “The hidden enterprise of bootlegging cigarettes out of Greece: two schemes of illegal entrepreneurship,” Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship 22(1), 1-8. (with G.A. Antopoulos)
  • (2009) ‘Learning To Grow: How New, Small, High Technology Firms Acquire Cognitive and Socio-Political Legitimacy In Their Regions’, International Journal of Technology Management; Vol. 46. Nos ¾. Pp. 344-370
  • (2009) ‘New business creation and growth and its spatial and sectoral components: a multivariate analysis of key variables, relationships and processes and their policy implications’, International Journal of Business and Globalisation, Vol. 2 (3), pp. 227-243 (with W. Gleave)

Refereed Conference Papers

  • (2011) ‘Entrepreneurship and High Impact Growth: Comparing Indigenous & Foreign Firms, Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tsinghua University, Beijing China1-3 July, 2011
  • ( 2010) ‘Role of Personal Networks in the Growth of Entrepreneurial Ventures of Ethnic Minority Female Entrepreneurs (with A. Rauf), Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference, London, 2-4 Nov
  • (2010) The High Impact Firm: Spatial Dynamics of Entrepreneurship and Growth (with Y.A. Abubakar) Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference, London, 2-4 Nov
  • (2010) ‘Entrepreneurship, Growth and the High Impact Firms in Regions: The role of Human Capital Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship; National Entrepreneurship Research Centre; Tsinghua University, Beijing, China;July 9th-11th, 2010
  • (2010) Entrepreneurial Growth: Comparing Indigenous and Foreign Firms (with YA Abubakar), International Council for Small Business 55th Annual Conference, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA, June 24-27, 2010
  • (2010) Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Governance: The Shanzhai Handset Business (with C.Li) International Council for Small Business 55th Annual Conference, Cincinatti, Ohio, USA, June 24-27, 2010
  • (2009) Beyond Regression: Reconceptualising Entrepreneurship for Economic and Social Development’, IPGC Workshop in Entrepreneurship, Productivity and Economic Development, Imperial College Business School, London, 15-16 May
  • (2009) ‘Entrepreneurial Growth and Labour Market Dynamics: Spatial factors in the consideration of relevant skills and firm growth in the Creative Industries, International Council for Small Business World Conference, 2009, June 21-24, Seoul Korea (with YA Abubakar)
  • (2009) Sources of Small Firm Innovation in Low Agglomeration: Comparing High and Low Agglomeration Regions, International Council for Small Business World Conference, 2009, June 21-24, Seoul Korea, with YA Abubakar)
  • (2009) Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Governance: The Shanzhai Handset Business, EIASM Conference on Asian Management and Entrepreneurship, November 30 – December 1, 2009, Brussels (with C. Si)
  • (2009) ‘Small Business and Entrepreneurship: Dysfunctional Linkages and Blind Alley Pursuits in the Creation of an Entrepreneurial Society, Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Research and Policy Conference, Liverpool, 3-5 November, 2009
  • Spatial Dynamics of High Impact Firm: Comparing Indigenous and Foreign Firms, for RENT XXIII, Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (with YA Abubakar), 15-17 November, 2009 -
  • (2008) ‘Holistic approaches to entrepreneurship - the case of the Indian software industry’ Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Research and Policy Conference, Belfast, 5- 7 November (with G. Natarajan)
  • (2008) State-owned Enterprises in China: A case study of SOE in Textile Industry, Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Research and Policy Conference, Belfast, 5- 7 November (with P. Zheng)
  • ‘Cities and Entrepreneurship: The Hub of Entrepreneurial Regions and Global Connectivity’, Conference on Regional Development of South Eastern Serbia,National Regional Development Agency, NIS, Serbia, September 12, 2011
  • Emerging Economies: New Channels and Challenges of International Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Forum, Local Ventures with Global Function, Univesidad Externado de Columbia, Bogota, August 2-3, 2011;

Recent Keynote Address and Expert Involvement

  • ‘Open Innovation in Europe’ European Union, WP3, InnoGRIPS Project, expert advice to the European Commission, May, 2011
  • Patterns of Global Innovation and the Development of Entrepreneurial Business Models: Connectivity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship’, Strategy of Innovation and Development of Service Industry Conference; Council for Economic Planning and Development (CDRi), Government of Taiwan, Taipei, 8 December, 2010
  • Globalisation and Innovation Today: Trends in and Possibilities ‘, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of Economics and Business, 27 September, 2010;
  • ‘Globalisation and Innovation Today: Trends in and Possibilities ‘, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Faculty of Economics and Business, 27 September, 2010;
  • Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, Tallin University of Technology, Tallin, Estonia, 15 September, 2010
  • ‘The Significance of the Social Aspects of Entrepreneurship’ Externado University, Bogotá, Colombia, Entrepreneurship Forum, August 18-19/2010
  • Entrepreneurship and Development: OECD Working Party for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Meeting, Paris: Expert advice and key note panellist for Bologna +10 conference of ministers, April, 2010
  • OECD Andalucia Region Economic Development: Expert advice (April, )
  • Developing Effective Policies for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Global Lessons and Some Suggestions for Bahrain – keynote presentation at ‘Innovation Bahrain 2010 Conference’ Manama, Bahrain, 7-8 April, 2010
  • Supporting SMEs in a Time of Crisis: How to Choose the Right Actions, An OECD Capacity Building Seminar for Policy Makers and Local Development Practitioners, 12-15 October, 2009, Trento, Italy – Chair of Seminar
  • Innovation and SMEs in Friuli Venezia Giulia , Udine Chamber of Commerce, Italy, 22 October, 2009 – plenary panellist and commentator
  • Graduate Entrepreneurship, OECD, Halle, Leipzig. 12 June, 2009
  • The Indian Software Industry: the Evolution of Clusters of Technology and Institutions , 2008 Asian Clusters Forum, Industry Technology Research Institute, Taipei, Taiwan, 29 October, 2008
  • Building an Innovation Ecosystem through Global Education Partnerships, The Baltic Innovation Forum, Gdansk, Poland, 11-12 September, 2008
  • ‘Entrepreneurship and The Academic World of Higher Education: An Overview’ ‘African Entrepreneurship Seminar’, Transcorp Hilton, Abuja, Nigeria, 31 March – 1 April, 2008
  • ‘India’s Entrepreneurial Identity’ Symposium on ‘ Defining India’s Identity in the 21st Centry’ 5th Anniversary of Confluence’ 6 February, 2008, Nehru Centre, Indian High Commission, London


Recent External Funding Obtained for Research and Development Projects

  • Regional Disparities in Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Activities: Impact on Regional Labour Market in Post Recession Climate Essex Business School Research Funds, 2011 (Project Value - £4,500)
  • Weigao China Research Group, Firm Entry and Internationalisation Research; Annual Award by Shandong Weigao Group (Project Value, £80,000, p.a. since 2008-9.)
  • Technology based Entrepreneurship: Project funding PhD Studentship; Zensar Technologies Ltd. India (Project Value, £10,000 p.a.)
  • EC FP 7 OASE Project (Project no. 249025) –Co-Investigator (Project Value, £455,000)
  • Digital Exploration Centre: Setting the Scene for an Information Strategy and Development Programme for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (Project Value, £3,000)
  • Education Partnerships in Africa (Apr 2009 - Sep 2010), lead applicant, funded by British Council (Project value £ 98,321)
  • Southend Airport Feasibility Study (Jun 2009 - Dec 2009), Principal investigator, funded by Southend Renaissance – (Project Value, £ 17,300)
  • Virtual Campus for SMEs in a Multicultural Milieu (Oct 2007 - Sep 2009), partner, funded by European Commissions (Project Value, Euros 399, 943)
  • Creative Women Entrepreneurship (Oct 2007 - Oct 2008), lead applicant, funded by ESF ( £10,578)
  • A127/A13 Development Corridor Study (Jul 2007 – May 2008), Principal investigator, funded by Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation (£23,000)
  • Business Incubation Centre: Feasibility study- January to April, 2008, (£3,505)
  • Entrepreneurship Research Project (Oct 2005 – Mar 2007), principal investigator, funded by EEDA (£157,000)


Recent Doctoral Supervision
Current Doctoral Supervision Areas

  • The Emerging Identity of the Social Enterprise (main superviser: completion 2011)
  • Regional entrepreneurial framework conditions across the UK (main superviser: completion, 2011)
  • Personal Networks of Ethnic Minority Female Entrepreneurs in the UK (main superviser: completion, 2011)
  • Technology and Pedagogic Development in Management Education: an exploratory study into the role of ICT (main superviser)
  • Challenges and prospects of small and medium scale
  • Entrepreneurship in achieving the millennium development goals in Nigeria (second superviser)
  • Business Incubators and New Venture Creation (second superviser)
  • Roles of Socio-cultural factors in female entrepreneurship (second superviser)
  • BPR and the Development of State-Owned Companies in Iraq (second superviser)
  • Internationalisation strategy in emerging economies - an analytical study (second superviser)

2 other completions since 2008-9; Previous doctoral supervision to completion and examination at Birmingham City University, Bedfordshire University

External examiner for successful doctoral submissions at RMIT, Australia, Madras Kamraj University, University of Madras, India, and Anglia Ruskin University, UK.