Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad


Centre for Financial Research


With changes all around, every other day companies are facing with newer challenges to survive and grow in this complicates business milieu. Every now and then we are haunted by the idea: how to ensure best utilization of the resources and to better the best. One success formula gets fast outdated due to the faster development in the premises. With this backdrop, managing finance, in right sense of the term, is gaining renewed importance in the context of modern corporate management.

As a matter of fact, it is imperative on the part of a business-school, to keep itself updated as to what have been happening round the clock in the world of finance. Information is the source of knowledge, knowledge the base for management. To keep track with all these vibrant changes, so that we can deliver the best, both to the students and the corporate clients, CFR works hard with its team, through the process of sustained research.

The Vision

The Centre for Financial Research (CFR) aims at becoming one of the best centres of excellence in financial and related research, which would be considered the most reliable source to draw information and knowledge.

The Mission

CFR would work with the mission to make a continuous strive to critically observe, study, analyze and comprehend the problems with the ultimate view to providing the guidance to solution in the ever-changing world of corporate finance.

The Objectives of the Centre

  • To design research proposals and conduct research in strategic areas of corporate finance.
  • To observe and study the movements in the capital markets the world wide.
  • To critically observe and analyze the on-going evolution in corporate financial management.
  • To critically examine the regulatory framework of corporate finance.
  • To identify the training needs of the corporate finance executives.
  • To draw lessons from the corporate world to develop cases.
  • To explore the possibility of collaborative research with business houses, research agencies, NGO’s, chambers of commerce.
  • To host occasional meets of the academics and the corporate experts for having a healthy exchange of views.
  • To work toward developing solid bondage with the India Inc.