Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad


Centre for Environmental Management


With India poised for an accelerated industrial development, the environmental costs for its growth are appreciable. Ecological concerns are an important global policy imperative and cannot be ignored by the industrial sector. Environmental Management has become a significant business responsibility apart from being a social responsibility. The ecological concerns have gained utmost significance with the rise in global and domestic competitiveness. Hence it has been observed that most of the environmentally responsible investors like banking and financial institutions, policy makers and the companies both domestic and multinational corporations have been investing time and money for management of their impact on environment.

The centre has been set up with the help of Henkel India Ltd. to promote Green Competitiveness in partnership with the best practitioners in the industry.

The centre aims at providing a common platform for the Practicing Managers, Researchers, Academia, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, to deliberate on the growing importance of Environmental Management for the Corporate Sector. Infect, responding to the need of the hour, business organisations across sectors are waking up to the fact that going green is not just about good public relations but a great bottom-line booster too. Business organisations have started recognizing greening strategies as the priority area and the crux for survival as well as success for leading Indian Corporates in a global economy.

Various greening strategies for a business organization need to be explored so that “Pollution Prevention Pays”. This approach may be through institutionalization, population ecology or natural selection, transformational leadership, organisational learning or organizational evolution. It will encourage a manger to undertake better environmental initiatives through information supported decision making thereby facilitating social responsibility, improving the efficiency and thus profitability of an organization.

The Vision

The vision of the centre for Corporate Environmental Excellence is to act as a knowledge hub to encourage environment friendly business practices and as a resource centre to explore green business opportunities through capacity building and management of cleaner technologies.

The Mission

The mission of the centre is to identify ecological challenges of various industries and provide solutions for long term profitability by integrating principles of environmental and natural resource management into core business systems and practices. The core belief of the centre is ”Only sustainable organizations will lead the way to the next Industrial Revolution”.

The Objectives of the Centre

The objectives of the centre would revolve around:

  • Identification of Competitive advantages through greening.
  • Analysis of Public Policy and Reform for better environmental decisions.
  • Management of Clean Technology.
  • Organisational Culture and Ecological Exploitation Issues.
  • Environmental Modelling and Information Management.

Although national and international policy-making that integrates environment, trade and development considerations is a relatively new discipline, primarily emerging only during the past decade, policy analysis and capacity building services in this area has been made by intergovernmental and nongovernmental organisations in recent years. The focus of the centre is to assimilate this complex, crosscutting issue through multi-disciplinary coordination to integrate best practices for environmental management with other management systems in an organisation.