Kellogg CRTI – IMT Collaborative Peer Learning Internship Program (KCIPLIP)

IMT Ghaziabad through CRICKET (Centre for Rural Innovation, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology) entered into a strategic partnership with CRTI (Centre for Research in Technology and Innovation) of Kellogg School of Management (North Western University) in 2011. With a firm belief in learning through action research as a pedagogical tool, the collaboration got manifested in the form of Kellogg CRTI-IMT Peer Learning Internship Program (KCIPLIP) to share best practices, conduct joint programs in technology, innovation and research and joint student assignments in USA and India.

CRTI has arranged development fellowships for their MBA students with NGO’s and social enterprises in India. The program spans over a period of ten weeks and Kellogg CRTI students are paired with IMT students on action research projects for specified host organizations in India. The fellowship ensures an experiential component of voluntary placements at the identified host organizations and the students apply their academic learning and practical experience to address the needs of the organizations. Sevayatra, a US-based social organization headed by Ms. Sejal Desai and supported by Ms. Ruchi Khemka and Ms. Avehi Menon in India, has been designated as Program Manager. Sevayatra works with universities, companies and individuals to help them connect to the development sector through meaningful programs and volunteer opportunities.

The program was first introduced and was successfully implemented in 2011 where six Kellogg CRTI students got paired with six IMT students on action research projects for six host organizations namely; Drishtee Foundation (to conduct a study on sustainability and cash management in Kiosk Banking), American India Foundation (to design MIS to monitor the progress of ‘Digital Equalizer’ Project), NASSCOM Foundation (to assess the impact of NASSCOM Social Innovation Awards), dLight Energy (to develop a marketing and distribution strategy for Solar Lights in Western UP), IntelleCash (to prepare a roadmap for mergers and acquisitions in the Microfinance Industry) and I-Farm Venture Advisers (to explore the potential and scalability of micro-collated Services as a business model for farmers).

In 2012, the program has been launched with eight teams consisting of Kellogg CRTI students and IMT students for eight research oriented projects. The host organizations include Viziniti GloCARE, TERI, Viziniti, Central Square Foundation, iFarms, d.Light, Empower Pragati and MimoFin. The orientation of the program participants took place on 23rd June, 2012 at IMT campus. After the introduction by Director, IMT Ghaziabad and Dr. Surinder Batra (Dean Research and Head, CRICKET), the session witnessed deliberations and interactions between Kellogg CRTI students, IMT students, IMT faculty mentors (Prof. S. Prusty and Dr. Jyoti Kainth), facilitators from Sevayatra (Ms. Ruchi Khemka and Ms. Avehi Menon) and Coordinator, CRICKET (Dr. N. Awasthy).

A mid-term retreat has been planned from 11th-15th July to discuss the progress on the projects and suggest corrective action where necessary. Prof. Mohanbir Sawhney, Director CRTI, Kellogg School of Management will grace the occasion.