To my students, with love!

Dr. Debabrata Datta, Head, CRICKET

You always dreamt of doing something big in life on your own. While you willingly went through the chores of class X and XII, followed by a graduation programme, you did that with a sense of purpose – to eventually be the master of your own destiny. You competed against many candidates for PGDM programmes in leading management institutes in the country, and were successful in joining the IMT community as a PGDM student, but the urge in you to become an entrepreneur is as strong as ever. Now the time has come to make your dream a reality. And IMT Ghaziabad is ready to give you a helping hand.

First of all, have a look at where ‘the rubber meets the road’. Entrepreneurship, like innovation, is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. The inspiration comes from your creative ideas and your innovative mindset. According to Peter Drucker, the famous management author, entrepreneurship is not merely setting up one’s own new and small business, it is the knack of creating a new market and a new customer, for or from a new idea that you have generated. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you will not merely be starting a new small business of your own, you will indeed be creating something new, something different and creating new values. And remember, entrepreneurship is not merely a personality trait, it is reflective of your desire and ability to create disequilibrium and to indulge into “creative destruction”. As an entrepreneur, you would have the quest for exploiting change as an opportunity. In fact, the strong link between innovation and entrepreneurship can’t be over-emphasized. Innovation is indeed a specific instrument of entrepreneurship; however, this innovation has to be systematic, purposeful and organized and not dependent on good luck or windfall.

The perspiration-related component of entrepreneurship requires preservance and patience and, at the same time, a strong belief in your ideas. Equally importantly, it requires knowledge and skills in some fundamental disciplines of management, which fortunately the PGDM programme aims to imbibe in you. You must for example have the knowledge and skills of strategic thinking, of operational management, of HR, of finance, of marketing, and of IT, among other disciplines. The knowledge of basic concepts in all these disciplines and the related on-the-job skills need to be interwoven by you in a systemic way. Remember, you would be learning these and many other related courses, not only to pass the exams and ‘move up’ academically, but to also have yourself groomed into a would-be entrepreneur, endowed with all that it takes to be successful. The new curriculum at IMT is based on the pillars of Know, Do and Believe. This connects neatly with the requirements of an entrepreneurial mindset. Over the two years period at IMT, you would learn the “know” part (concepts and theories), the “do” part (learning through doing or action research) and the “believe” part (reinforcing your beliefs in the value system of an entrepreneur).

“CRICKET”, the well-known research Centre at IMT, provides you another venue for self-expression in the field of entrepreneurship. Indulge in action research along with IMT faculty and your colleagues in the PGDM programme. Discover how companies engage in social entrepreneurship, and develop through sharp observation, new insights into various facets of being an entrepreneur. You would find a whole new world of ideas being successfully generated, put into practice, nurtured and resulting in value generation for the society and for the entrepreneur. And you would then find it easy to relate this learning with the learning based on your regular subjects (both core and electives) in various terms.

This may give a new direction to your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, after completing your PGDM at IMT. Best of Luck!