Let us Play CRICKET

CRICKET is the newly established Centre for Rural Innovation & Capacity Building through Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology” (CRICKET) at IMT Ghaziabad. It is a response to the felt need of giving a fillip to the research efforts of IMT faculty through innovative engagements with external entities. The purpose of CRICKET is to support social entrepreneurship in collaboration with like-minded research institutions and develop case studies and other research outputs based on such action research.

Vision of CRICKET

  • CRICKET would be a multi-dimensional grass-root level platform for engaging in action research.
  • It would be focused at vital but often neglected segments of the Indian society, such as rural innovators and micro- and small enterprises and provide them professional guidance in managing the commercial aspects of their innovations through support in market research (with the help of PGDM students), developing business plans, refining business processes and thereby nurturing sustainable business.
  • The lessons learnt through such engagements with the target group would be then channelized into action research based case studies and other research publications.
  • Eventually, this endeavor can be expected to result in creating Intellectual Property for IMT and for the concerned faculty members engaged in such action research.