Cash in on the healthcare boom advises IMT Ghaziabad alumnus Tushar Sharma

The healthcare industry in India is booming and could be a major source of lucrative careers for Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad grads says IMT alumnus Tushar Sharma.

Abbott Vascular’s Country Manager for India and South Asia, Sharma said: “I think it offers tremendous job opportunities for qualified people to not only join and learn about the industry, but to grow and prosper their career.”

It’s a booming business, he said. With India being an emerging market, offering optimum growth potential, a lot of multinational companies are moving in.

“At this point the healthcare industry is really struggling to hire good talent and therefore it provides ample opportunities for everyone.”

But to succeed as a manager in today’s global marketplace takes new leadership qualities.

“Today the definition of leadership has completely changed,” said Sharma.To be successful you have to: lead by example, drive for results, inspire trust and integrity, have vision and plan strategy, make difficult decisions and be able to build an organization and inspire people.

These are qualities that can’t be taught in a classroom, he believes.

“In my opinion we can only refine/sharpen our leadership skills in the class-room, but transforming a person completely is probably not possible,” he said. “Not everyone who comes out of management college becomes a successful manager.”

To eliminate any gap corporations feel exists between the skills they require and the skills of B-School graduates, Sharma says students should have at least five years of experience; there should be more hands-on projects; faculty should include a healthy mix of industry executives and schools shouldn’t go for quantity but for quality while admitting students.

He believes the extra-curricula activities and add-on skill training in presentation and communications IMT Ghaziabad students participate in are truly valuable.

“Having great soft skills can get you easy entry and visibility in the organization,” said Sharma.

His career has seen him gain industry experience serving as sales manager at Eli Lilly Ranbaxy before moving to Abbott Vascular and broaden his education through leadership courses at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and earning his MBA from IMT Ghaziabad.

The fact students have a management degree from IMT Ghaziabad is very beneficial he said.

“IMT has good brand value and the overall perception about the college is very positive.”