Alumni Testimonial

Apoorv Sharma
Economic Times Young Leader 2016, Batch of 2011
“IMT is akin to an elite army camp. It evolves you in ways you never imagined. You step out as a soldier into the business world with only the top in sight & a reputation to keep.”

My tryst with IMT started a few years before I joined. I was on my way to the Ghaziabad passport office and among all the chaos, crossed this peaceful, haven of knowledge wondering what it would be like to be among one of the lucky few who pass through those gates. I could almost smell the brilliance from outside and right then I knew I was destined to be there.

There’s only one word that truly justifies the essence of IMT – “Adventure”. It is by far the biggest adventure you’ll go through in your entire lifetime. I can’t recollect a single day when there was nothing to look forward to. Studies are probably a minimal proportion that you’ll learn from.

First come the “people”. Growing up in an “air-force” family I was used to moving around the country, meeting new people all the time. But the people that make IMT are special. The diversity around is amazing. Everyone has a story and it’s what you pick up from their stories that turn you into a complete individual. Despite the pulsating competition, you will end up making friends for life.

Then it’s the “culture”. IMT is an experience like no other. It’s for the students, by the students. The amount of autonomy is astounding, and everyone is encouraged to lead a balanced life. Being part of the Alumni Relationship Committee (Alcom) I was fortunate to see this echo throughout batches right back from 25 years ago! Some of my best memories include winning Ace of Spades (the Last Man Standing event) at Passion, scoring countless buzzer-beater 3 pointers during the intense basketball games with the crowd screaming my name, setting the unbroken record of eating the most slices at Pizza Night & the warm fulfilling feeling I got preparing food for our mess care-takers during Mess day. And yet, I still somehow managed to graduate with honors while having the time of my life. That’s IMT for you! :)

Lastly, the “opportunities”. Even before you leave, IMT will provide you with some of the biggest opportunities on the global stage to prove your worth. One such example was going on exchange to IESEG, France on for me. Not only did I get to study & learn from some of the brightest people around the world, I got a chance to participate in global competitions. I was the finalist in the World Negotiation Cup 2010 held in Leipzig, Germany and represented France, beating likes of Harvard Law School. Backpacking around Europe & learning almost 6 new languages was an added bonus!

Life after IMT has been fairly rewarding. My passion for marketing & the lessons I learnt from those fun case study discussions have led me to work with some of the most exciting brands on the planet, like Vodafone, Flipkart & Amazon. My work has won me several awards and just recently I was nominated among India’s Top 50 Young Leaders by The Economic Times.

Throughout these years I’ve worked with some of the best minds from top notch B-schools (including Ivy leagues), but every time I come across an IMTian, the passion & energy just stands out. I’m truly blessed to have been a part of the IMT story. There’s often a day when I take out my old college sweatshirt & wear the logo with pride that’s so close to my heart and made me who I am today.