IMT Ghaziabad’s Pronoy Dutt Talks About His Alma Mater

Summary: Pronoy Dutt, in a candid interview, tells us about his IMT Ghaziabad experience, what he would look for in a future student and how he will contribute towards making his institute even better.

From the day their first batch of Management students passed out, IMT Ghaziabad institute has nurtured some of the best management talent in the country. Till date many of those early alumni remember the days spent here with a sense of nostalgic exuberance as they recall some of the best lessons during their time. We spoke to Pranoy Dutt, General Manager HR for WLC Colleges in India.

Belonging to the PGDM Executive Batch 2004-2005, Dutt is very comfortable discussing details of what he learnt at IMT Ghaziabad. Those learning stay with him, deeply etched in his memory to be recalled at will. “My years at IMT Ghaziabad have been a series of enriching experiences. Being the part of the Executive Management program helped me learn about the world of management much better, especially because IMT’s methods include practical application of world class teaching techniques and learning procedures. A combination of these helped me grow into a much better manager.”

Dutt started his career as the Senior Manager in Corporate HR at Escorts. “When I look back, and it is not very far back,” he says tongue in cheek, “IMT was a turning point in my career, especially because of its course content. I learnt organization behavior, including the concept of employee engagement.”

We steer the subject towards alumni involvement in IMT. He has some ideas and plans, which he is very comfortable voicing, and it is obvious he has been thinking in these lines for a while. “It is crucial to involve the alumni for promoting the inter-collegiate connectivity. They should be allowed to be a part of the admission process, because this will help the institute when it comes to selecting students for admission,” he says, seriously. “That this is because, students who have the base of a background in management will automatically be ready for the upcoming two years of course-work. Also, when a student is part of the institute’s placement providing department, he or she gets to work at close range with all the students aspiring to become management professionals.”

A man of few words, he puts resource planning into one succinct sentence. “The basic steps to ensure resource planning in any sector are to look at the business plans for the first five years, including checking the competition level of the candidate,” he concludes.

Looking back, we find that IMT Ghaziabad has consistently produced top class students who have performed brilliantly in the corporate world and as entrepreneurs. They are thinkers, planners and visionaries on a global scale. Like Director IMT Ghaziabad says, “Every student at IMT Ghaziabad is a future leader.” IMT Ghaziabad helps them find their niche and focus on their strengths. It provides a platform for their growth.