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IMT-G Alumni Advise Potential Entrepreneurs To Be Prepared To Leave Your Comfort Zone

Be prepared to leave your comfort zone and do your research - that’s the advice two Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad alumni have for budding entrepreneurs.

“Be ready to get out of your comfort zone, look at growth in the long run and be prepared take risks,” Vikram Singh advises. “As Steve Jobs said – Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

Fellow IMT-G graduate Sambhav Mohapatra says “I would advise students to join the corporate world and understand what their skill sets are and accordingly decide what line of entrepreneurship they would like to pursue and do proper research before getting into it.”

An entrepreneur himself, Vikram Singh is the man behind Wild World India.

Asked what prompted him to found such a unique venture, he said “Wildlife has always been a passion with me and I was not able to give it enough time in a corporate job. Besides, I saw an opportunity to build a top-class company in India to cater to the serious wildlife travellers (birdwatchers, mammals, sport fishing etc.) coming to India to witness/experience its natural heritage.”

He thinks there are various areas that could and should be added to current management studies to increase concern and awareness about the environment.

“The role of the private sector in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, in particular, still needs to be further explored and developed, particularly at a time when bio-diversity is depleting at the fastest rate ever. It would be useful to teach students the sustainable practices of ‘Ethical Bio Trade’ as all of these private-sector-related efforts will be considerably influenced by consumer demand for biodiversity-friendly products. And while advertising now-a-days increasingly refers to the environment and to ‘green’ products, it is still unclear to what extent consumers can contribute to preserving Biodiversity.”

To be a successful entrepreneur he says you have to completely believe in the value you are creating in the long run and be persistent about it.

“If you have any doubts about what you are doing, or if it ceases to interest you, very soon then chances are you will not nurture it long enough for it to grow.”

Sambhav Mohapatra suggests would-be entrepreneurs get some corporate experience before venturing out on their own “so as to understand the business and most important to build network. If you have the right network, it saves an entrepreneur a lot of time as well as cost.”

“Passion, hard work and patience,” are three important traits an entrepreneur must have, he said, adding “With what I have read through the IMT mailers, it seems like IMT is taking a step forward in encouraging young talent to pursue being an entrepreneur.”