Deepa Rath Talks about Her Years at IMT Ghaziabad

Banker Deepa Rath passed out of IMT Ghaziabad’s PGDM Executive batch 2009. She gets candid about her thoughts and the way forward for the Alumni.

A banker by profession Deepa Rath took time out from her career to do her Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IMT Ghaziabad. Her subject? Finance, obviously.

Like her, several IMT Ghaziabad students have at least a couple of years experience behind them. This work experience gives them an edge because they know the exact course they want their careers to take, what they want from it, and will accept nothing but the best from their faculty, keeping them on their toes.

Today Deepa Rath is busy as any banker can be. “My experience at IMT Ghaziabad was definitely good,” she says. “It is an exhilarated course. This MBA from IMT Ghaziabad basically prepares those executives who are there in the industry for better opportunities or better positions when they get back to work.”

Post her qualification, she returned to her career in banking, unlike some others who choose a different industry altogether. “I have always been in banking industry. My career is a continuation of a good journey.” This is despite the fact that when she passed out of IMT, the going was really tough. Not just for her, but for the entire world. It was in the throes of a recession that caused panic attacks in many countries across the globe. “I was there in 2008 and 09. The recession was bad. But yes, I was part of the Placement Committee and I was one of the most active members,” she reminisces. She discovered her leadership skills on a larger platform as part of that committee. “Those experiences were memorable for me, yes,” she says. In hindsight, there’s always something positive in every negative.

Although she is hard pressed for time, Rath would like to stay in touch with her alma mater. “I’m not as connected to IMT as I would like to be. I do get the odd calls from the Alumni Committee, though.” In fact, she would like to mentor more students, and has conveyed her desire to the committee. “Anybody can speak with me regarding financial or banking sector,” she says. It would be to their advantage as Deepa Rath is a very hands-on banker.

Rath makes the extra effort of being in touch with her faculty and friends at IMT. “I am in touch with most of my faculty and my colleagues from my batch, and I’ve got calls for occasional guest lectures,” she says. Other than that, she has no contact with any of the other alumni. “Because I guess that for the alumni it is only batch specific. In my case, we could hardly interact with the batch that was going out, forget about other batches.”

Many IMT Ghaziabad alumni are highly placed in the industry and would be interested in interacting with others if the institute provides a platform for them to meet. “IMT already has an amazing diversity in its alumni network but a little extra effort would do wonders,” she says adding that she is sure many others would be as interested as her.