“Keep on your toes” says IMT alumnus Sharad Jain V-P in energy financing with GE India


“A manager has to always be on his toes, thinking ahead of others,” says Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad alumnus Mr. Sharad Jain, vice-president and lead originator in energy financing with GE India.

Visiting his alma mater to deliver a lecture on infrastructure finance, he said: “This means all managers should have a very sharp learning curve.”

Jain said: “We should have a long-term perspective of things. As a manager, we must have the decision-making ability, and even if we make a wrong decision it is an opportunity to learn, a process that makes us better.”

With more than 15 years experience in financing and development of large infrastructure projects primarily in the power sector, he started out as a trainee at Essar Steel and then became senior engineer there before coming to IMT-Ghaziabad for his PGDBM in finance.

After graduation he became deputy manager at Power Financing Corporation then moved to ICICI Bank as chief manager before assuming his current position.

Jain has fond memories of his time at IMT-Ghaziabad, in particular being the gold medalist in his graduating year.

“Apart from academics, ‘Passion,’ the management and cultural fest, was something very special to me - when we used to stay awake the whole night with the roar around not wanting to miss any part of it,” he said.

His degree from IMT-Ghaziabad has been important to his career from day one and he termed it not a career enhancer but a career mover as he wanted to change fields.

“An MBA is more like being the jack-of-all-trades,” said Jain, “where you get to know about operations, marketing, finance etc. So an MBA gives you a global perspective.”

While he doesn’t think anything needs to be changed curriculum-wise at IMT-Ghaziabad, he stressed need for more industrial interactions.

“I did my MBA after having some corporate experience, but for students who don’t have professional experience corporate interactions can be very helpful.”

His advice to students is to make the most of their time at IMT.

“The students here at IMT have a lot of calibre, they just need to put that extra effort to compete with the top B schools and I am sure they have that potential.”