Among IMT Ghaziabad’s innovators: Rajeev Karwal


IMT Ghaziabad alum Rajeev Karwal is blessed with all the qualities that make a huge difference to business and industry. He also possesses huge amounts of self confidence and a deep conviction that he is on the right path - the path of Amitabh Bachan and Sachin Tendulkar.

To stake the claim that IMT Ghaziabad Alumni are innovators and rare leaders, thinkers and pioneers would be totally in sync with the truth. Because a large percentage of them are. One very interesting example is Rajeev Karwal.

His career has been exciting as it has been varied, for this MBA graduate has worked with turnarounds, start-ups and has finally ventured out on his own.

Soon after his 1984 IMT MBA, the young and dynamic Karwal started out with Onida, from where he moved into LG Electronics. Along with K R Kim, the LG Managing Director in India, Karwal was responsible for LG’s success in India. What is besides the point, but very mentionable here, is that K R Kim later wrote a rather surprising book titled Essence of Good Management that has tips on how to succeed in India.

Karwal, on the other hand, did not write his own book, till- Corporate Blogging in India. Instead, he went on to win awards. Most mentionable here is A&M’s Indian Marketing Person of the Year in 1998, CII’s Young Manger Trophy and many more. In fact, he was featured in a book called India’s Greatest Brand Builders by Dr. R L Bhatia.

Career wise, movement was of essence. Stepping out of LG, Karwal joined Philips India for three years. The next three years were spent with Electrolux, a company he quit exactly six days before it went to Videocon. For one year, Rajeev Karwal worked at Reliance Retail and quit finally to start Milagrow Business and Knowledge Solutions – his own consultancy venture. Milagrow has grown and recently Karwal returned to his passion – consumer electronics. He now manufactures tablet PCs and has plans of making domestic robots and convergence electronics.

Called the TabTop, Milagrow’s tablet comes fitted with 50 special apps for sales force automation, productivity, utility and networking. Quite typically, Karwal claims, “Unlike other tablets where you have to download apps, ours is a ready-to-eat tablet.” Somewhat like a burger, maybe?

Despite its uniqueness, the Tab Top tablet is yet to make a dent in the market dominated by iPads, Smasungs, Dells and HTCs. Mention it to a lay person, or even ask for it by name in an electronics store, and chances are you will be met with blank stares. Karwal is not surprised because, in his own words, he has “deliberately stayed away from consumer electronics in India.”

According to an article in Business Standard, titled Karwal on Karwal, he put himself in the league of people like Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar. Like Bachchan’s breakthrough with Zanjeer, Karwal had his with LG, and like Tendulkar, our man is consistent in his courtship of success.

While Rajeev Karwal markets his TabTop, which has a rating of four and a half stars on Flipkart, the Indian household waits for his Domestic Robot.