IMT Alum Manish Wadhwa: HR’s Paradigm Shift


Finally HR is getting the attention it rightly deserves. There is a paradigm shift towards this function, opines Manish Wadhwa, HRBP with Barclays Bank and IMT Ghaziabad alum.

“Today’s business is seeing stress. Organizations are becoming lean and there is a continued re-look at talent,” he informs us. Job security is not as ‘secure’ as it was in the past. More organizations are looking at cross-functional talent rather than uni-functional expertise. However, “Engagement and motivation of existing talent holds the key as they directly impact retention,” Wadhwa says.

HR is no longer just HR. Its functions differ from organization to organization. In the past, Indian businesses saw HR more as an administrative function. Today, they are realizing the potential and ability of HR and how this function can help achieve organizational objectives by employing the right talent.

In the finance and banking sector from the beginning of his career, Wadhwa has thoroughly enjoyed his work and the learning he has garnered from this dynamic industry. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay with banking/financial services. This is the spine Industry which controls economy with an opportunity to understand each Industry and its working,” he says. The complexity of the products and people ensured that he stays put.

It is one industry where an employing organization’s HR can never be too careful. Scams and irregularities are exposed almost every day. “Banking is a highly regulated Industry. Customer data that one has access to can be misused – one has to be mindful while hiring resources. When employing personnel, we conduct rigorous reference checks that include former organisations, background screenings including Criminal Record check. All of this is done before any offer or appointment is made,” Wadhwa says.

While employing talent, he looks at five aspects in particular:

  • A clear understanding of Finance Fundamentals.

  • Customer Orientation: a key to success.

  • Innovation. Every customer need is different. Customization of products is important while keeping financial feasibility for the organization in foremost focus.

  • Integrity is a very important quality as the finance sector is fraught with fraud.

  • Communication capability is very important. Any job is halfway to completion with clarity and an ability to communicate that clarity.

Wadhwa found that IMT’s PGDM Executive course was a very useful step in his career. The management degree from IMT gave him a view and clarity of the larger picture. “In addition to core functional knowledge, we were exposed to some practical experiences via extensive case studies and Guest Lecture sessions by some finest professionals,” he says.

Signing off, Manish Wadhwa describes himself as a responsible, honest and fun to be with individual.