Deepika Jindal, Gold Medalist, Batch of 2011, Key Accounts Manager, Procter & Gamble


One aspect of management that Deepika Jindal had learnt well before she entered IMT-Ghaziabad was ‘risk taking’.

An electrical engineer from Punjab, Deepika Jindal put in quite some years before she realized that she could do better in life than being an Associate Software Engineer with Fidelity Investments. She gave up coding and set sight on an MBA in HR & Marketing. She hit jackpot with IMT-Ghaziabad, the Mecca of MBA in Marketing, where several top marketing honchos had been groomed by the world class faculty. Once inside IMT-Ghaziabad, Deepika knew she would be going places and to start with, it was Procter and Gamble, the very first company that interviewed her at placements in IMT-Ghaziabad. Her package and designation jumped to three-times of what she was drawing as a coder. Considering her passion for Marketing, it was not surprising that Deepika Jindal ended up as the gold-medalist of her batch at IMT-Ghaziabad.

“The best thing about my profile as a Key Accounts Manager is travelling. Prior to IMT-Ghaziabad, my exposure was limited to North India. The other great thing is that I handle clients and find new opportunities for the Company - less of a desk job, and more people-oriented.”

In hindsight, Deepika Jindal feels that a great placement is just one of the numerous gifts to her from IMT-Ghaziabad. Being the class representative, member of RACE ( Research and Consulting Enterprise), and subscribing to numerous projects every term at IMT-Ghaziabad, helped hone her time management skills, be an effective team member and leader, and keep her professional and personal lives separate. It was also her first hostel experience, since MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad is completely residential. She attributes her trouble-shooting skills, to organising events of the magnitude of International Conference on Strategy and Organization, at IMT-Ghaziabad, during which she learnt real-life management, and acquired the confidence to handle last minute problems. Deepika firmly believes that her learning at IMT-Ghaziabad not only helped her land a great job, but also ensures that she does her job well and grows each day as a manager. Her mantra for the IMT-Ghaziabad students is ‘Be Yourself’.

“This will reflect in your interviews. My ability to handle clients and events comes from the exposure to numerous extra-curricular activities at IMT-Ghaziabad. It was not something I tried hard to do, but something that I enjoyed doing. Play to your strength and do not try to be what you are not. If you are selected for a job which doesn’t suit you, you will be in trouble sooner or later. In a job scenario, simply being smart will get you nowhere. Sustainable and constant growth is the Industry buzzword and you’ll have to work hard with a continuous focus on goals. Failure is a better teacher than success. Continuous success can make you complacent. Every failure pushes you harder to do better.”